• jaggaaff31 minutes ago
    @ UltimateShrekFan, i only FF if some idiot pushes me to make somebody get in my LOF or somebody gets in my LOF
  • NoahKirchner30 minutes ago
    Fucking wiki
  • UltimateShrekFan30 minutes ago
    Yea, FF is super easy to avoid, but marines are dum
  • ReadyReactor29 minutes ago
    @ NoahKirchner, well i guess i should just try for myself
  • jaggaaff29 minutes ago
    But here's what all i got to say: RDS and Charger on the Mk2 with burst-fire enabled with 10 AP mags (9 in reserve, 1 in gun) works the best for me
  • ReadyReactor29 minutes ago
    @ UltimateShrekFan, I've commited my fair share of FF, but I was standing still so it was someone else who got in the way
  • jaggaaff28 minutes ago
    Btw, for me, it's all AP or bust.
  • ReadyReactor28 minutes ago
    @ jaggaaff, what would be a good third attach?
  • UltimateShrekFan28 minutes ago
    Ready, thats what I mean, marines are dumb
  • jaggaaff27 minutes ago
    @ ReadyReactor, for mk2? none.
  • MrJJJ27 minutes ago
    UltimateShrekFan wrote: Ready, thats what I mean, marines are dumb
    Always will be dumb forever, baldies damn
  • jaggaaff27 minutes ago
    I never really remove my UGL so i always get one for the rail and one for the barrel, never for the stock.
  • UltimateShrekFan26 minutes ago
    Shit, I never knew the M4 even -had- a UGL
  • ReadyReactor26 minutes ago
    @ jaggaaff, im gonna follow your advice then , seems close to what i do
  • UltimateShrekFan26 minutes ago
    Until like 3 days ago
  • jaggaaff25 minutes ago
    UltimateShrekFan wrote: Shit, I never knew the M4 even -had- a UGL
  • UltimateShrekFan25 minutes ago
    I only play support roles, so I always roll with a buck shotty + gyro + comp
  • ReadyReactor25 minutes ago
    @ UltimateShrekFan, Really? You never noticed all the UGL laying around?
  • UltimateShrekFan24 minutes ago
    I did, I just never knew where they came from
  • Derpislav23 minutes ago
    How is UGL formed?
  • jaggaaff23 minutes ago
    You are why we lost all those hangar defences...
  • ReadyReactor23 minutes ago
  • jaggaaff23 minutes ago
    @ Derpislav, Well when a daddy reciever meets a mommy barrel and other parts, they form a UGL
  • UltimateShrekFan23 minutes ago
    Jaggaaff, I -only- play support roles and -never- use the M4
  • Surrealistik22 minutes ago
    ReadyReactor wrote: @ Surrealistik, Wouldn't RDS deal with the accuracy drop and the firing speed setback is "slightly" according to wiki. Keep in mind im only referring to a build for MK2
    It's not slight, it's painfully noticable, and the RDS doesn't change a net DPS loss
  • Thatnewguy0122 minutes ago
    I dont know why specs get the nade launher, just carry multible ugl's in your pack and boom. artilery
  • ReadyReactor22 minutes ago
    It's ok, I do stupid shit all the time, yesterday I threw OB without activating it and xenos melted it, granted im a noob but still was pretty fucking stupid
  • jaggaaff21 minutes ago
    Thatnewguy01 wrote: I dont know why specs get the nade launher, just carry multible ugl's in your pack and boom. artilery
    you can't. UGLs can't be carried in backpacks..
  • Surrealistik21 minutes ago
    Look at it this way; you have a base of 20 * 1.2 for the damage * .8 for the fire rate * .8 for the accuracy * 1.2 for the laser scope = 18.432
  • Surrealistik20 minutes ago
    Like at best you break even if it's additive
  • jaggaaff20 minutes ago
    @ Surrealistik, not really.
  • jaggaaff20 minutes ago
    @ Surrealistik, damage is noticable as with AP rounds, it 2 hits a larva, granted larva has low hp
  • Surrealistik19 minutes ago
    Alright man, I said my bit, you can keep using one of the most situational attachments in the game if you like
  • Thatnewguy0119 minutes ago
    Does ap do more damage per hit? or just higher penatration?
  • ReadyReactor18 minutes ago
    Penetration, supposedly
  • jaggaaff18 minutes ago
    @ Thatnewguy01, it actually does lower raw damage, but thanks to it AP it does more damage if they were to deflect.
  • jaggaaff16 minutes ago
    If you were to put a CMB revolver on burst-fire and compare it to a Mk2 BC'd it would have similar fire rates/delays
  • jaggaaff16 minutes ago
    But this comparison might be inaccurate, since im using old 1337k as a basis
  • ReadyReactor16 minutes ago
    I don't even really bother shooting with anything but AP anymore as 80% of the time soft xenos will simply run away unless you're alone , in which case you fucked up, while the big ones are the real threat
  • MrJJJ14 minutes ago
    I always use AP, esspecially with a quickfire
  • jaggaaff13 minutes ago
    Also forgot to mention, AP actually gives accuracy bonus comparable to RDS
  • ReadyReactor13 minutes ago
    Wut? ammo has accuracy bonus?
  • MrJJJ12 minutes ago
    Some ammo can effect your accuracy
  • jaggaaff12 minutes ago
    Apparently, if they haven't changed that.
  • jaggaaff11 minutes ago
    Also apparently, marskman revolver bullets have negative pen but marksman rifle bullets have positive pen, unless they have rectified this then...
  • ReadyReactor10 minutes ago
    Im definitely testing this tomorrow
  • ReadyReactor6 minutes ago
    I do not understand why people love WO so much
  • jaggaaff6 minutes ago
    No hugger combat and if you die you can get back into the battle by being a xenuu really easily
  • UltimateShrekFan5 minutes ago
    It's fun every once in a while
  • ReadyReactor5 minutes ago
    It's just decap galore

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