• Jewels25 Feb 2017, 23:44
    Thats what they taught us in army @ TheSpoonyCroy,
  • sicktrigger25 Feb 2017, 23:44
    aren't they more fo area denial
  • TheSpoonyCroy25 Feb 2017, 23:46
    Well they don't have to serve a single purpose
  • Jewels25 Feb 2017, 23:48
  • Sodah25 Feb 2017, 23:49
    @ sicktrigger, Mines main purpose in a actual war is mostly area denial, mining coasts and roads and shit, the psychological aspect is a secondary part but also p.great, at least with historical stuff.
  • monkeysfist10125 Feb 2017, 23:50
    Anyone up for zomboid?
  • monkeysfist10125 Feb 2017, 23:50
    We're getting a group together on discord
  • Sodah25 Feb 2017, 23:51
    Did they finally make the multiplayer not shit to use?
  • monkeysfist10125 Feb 2017, 23:53
  • MisforMaster200526 Feb 2017, 00:16
    Can the name Michael 'M's' McCoy be used?
  • Spider26 Feb 2017, 00:25
    Cant see why it couldnt
  • Aracino26 Feb 2017, 00:28
    Uh is anyone else laggign hard?
  • Pingpong playa26 Feb 2017, 02:07
    Rip bridge
  • Moon Tune26 Feb 2017, 02:36
    Why are my topics always blue and the rest red?
  • TheSpoonyCroy26 Feb 2017, 02:53
    I would assume that is related to if you "read" them or they are marked as "unread" for you
  • Enceri26 Feb 2017, 03:02
    Https:// i made this using snips of screenshots from the earlier round with westhybrid <3
  • TheMaskedMan226 Feb 2017, 03:05
    I've decided to make it my long term goal to find a way to negotiate peace between Xenos and Marines for at least one round. I will find a way!
  • Enceri26 Feb 2017, 03:12
    @ TheMaskedMan2, Is Rear Admiral Chik. N. Bone. couldn't what makes you think you can?
  • TheMaskedMan226 Feb 2017, 03:16
    Why this time I am a xeno! I shall make cute noises, and get the queen to come negotiate. One round eventually. As long as marines dont shoot on sight....
  • sicktrigger26 Feb 2017, 03:21
    peace xenos are garbage dont do it
  • TheMaskedMan226 Feb 2017, 03:22
    ^No Fun^
  • sicktrigger26 Feb 2017, 03:22
    correct, it isn't fun
  • TheMaskedMan226 Feb 2017, 03:23
    But RP
  • YungCuz26 Feb 2017, 03:31
    Theres no such thing as rp
  • YungCuz26 Feb 2017, 03:31
    I'm not even trying to joke really
  • shyshadow26 Feb 2017, 03:31
    *Cracks Knuckles* Alright boys, time to write up a story that I'm going to advertise later because I want acceptance from Feweh and the Community, but most Feweh
  • MrJJJ26 Feb 2017, 03:32
    If you want to have RP, play sulaco job, and even then its not that much RP most likely
  • MrJJJ26 Feb 2017, 03:33
    Xenomorph have next to no RP, as there is nothing you can truly RP as them, other than what they usually do, if you try RPing as marines, expect salt, rping as a marine is masochistic in combat
  • ImNotShrapnel26 Feb 2017, 03:43
    What is the best spec gear, and why is it the SADAR?
  • shyshadow26 Feb 2017, 03:44
    Dude, it's obviously the B18 + Barrel Charger Gyro + Riot Shield.
  • MrJJJ26 Feb 2017, 03:45
    Untill a drone lucks out
  • northcote426 Feb 2017, 03:49
    @ MrJJJ, Funny story. One time as a survivor I was RPing with a Hunter that was on the other side of my girders. Was nice RP, then out of FUCKING NOWHERE an AT rocket hits it.
  • shyshadow26 Feb 2017, 03:49
  • MrJJJ26 Feb 2017, 03:50
    @ northcote4, Yeah, any RP typically get's ruinned, sad
  • MrJJJ26 Feb 2017, 03:51
    But if you get a RP that can actually not be interrupted, bless you, you are lucky
  • northcote426 Feb 2017, 03:55
    Yeah, and so you end up with this kind of scenario where both sides might want to RP, but are afraid to because they're gonna get sickfragg'd.
  • sicktrigger26 Feb 2017, 03:59
    do medics not have easy access to hypos any more?
  • MisforMaster200526 Feb 2017, 04:04
    Hi how is tge round?
  • MrJJJ26 Feb 2017, 04:05
  • louisloftcraft26 Feb 2017, 04:13
    Who the fuck steals another mans shit after they break open a sec closet.
  • shyshadow26 Feb 2017, 04:16
  • Recounted26 Feb 2017, 04:19
    Jesus Martzin this fucking fuckin story is action thrillin
  • shyshadow26 Feb 2017, 04:33
    posted a new topic: Good Morning in Art & Stories
  • shyshadow26 Feb 2017, 04:35
    Finally I'm done, time to sleep.
  • Dirty Old Harry26 Feb 2017, 06:03
    Morning Ladies.
  • Dirty Old Harry26 Feb 2017, 06:04
    No ge bith dè an ùine a tha e faisg ort.
  • MrJJJ54 minutes ago
  • Joe44442 minutes ago
    Dirty Old Harry wrote: posted a new topic: Welders have a small chance to cause eye damage. in Suggestions
    that title really threw me off
  • Joe4444just now
    Also, I was just thinking about opening a AMA on Pre alpha, where players who never got to play it and are curious about something from pre alpha can ask there and someone can answer it. Yeah or nah?

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