• TheMaskedMan229 Mar 2017, 01:01
    Like the person might as well just be playing XO.
  • Azmodan41229 Mar 2017, 01:02
    Did I break people with my critical analysis of the Nexus?
  • NoahKirchner29 Mar 2017, 01:02
    That is part of why I hate playing XO. I will do a similar thing and then a CO comes on halfway through and jacks muh mission, but I have to play it if I ever wanna be whitelisted.
  • XenonDragneel29 Mar 2017, 01:03
    My boi UM is 18
  • Azmodan41229 Mar 2017, 01:03
    Have you noticed 95% of all marine losses have Nexus FoBs/
  • TheMaskedMan229 Mar 2017, 01:03
    Azmodan412 wrote: Did I break people with my critical analysis of the Nexus?
    A critical analysis won't change anything, you can tell marines they can find gold by going left and they will still stumble right while shooting eachother.
  • TheMaskedMan229 Mar 2017, 01:04
    Just look at Ice as an example, and yes I'm still convinced it's not nearly as hopeless as everyone wants to believe.
  • Karmac29 Mar 2017, 01:04
    Azmodan412 wrote: Did I break people with my critical analysis of the Nexus?
    link pls
  • XenonDragneel29 Mar 2017, 01:05
    @ Azmodan412, not really... some good engineer build really strng and smart defense for the FOB at nexus.... but they will never ben touched lol... and marines win the offense
  • Azmodan41229 Mar 2017, 01:06
    Its just... too disgustingly open. Do you remember the FoBs Tyler built in TComms when the pod was right next to it?
  • Azmodan41229 Mar 2017, 01:06
    Karmac, pres new posts.
  • Karmac29 Mar 2017, 01:07
    @ Azmodan412, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa imlazy
  • Karmac9 minutes ago
    Also a well-fortified Nexus can deter Xenos completely, simply because of how difficult it is to do.
  • TheMaskedMan27 minutes ago
    Command never gives metal though.
  • Karmac6 minutes ago
    I get it myself because I trust nobody else.
  • Azmodan4124 minutes ago
    I'm homebrewing two CL sheet formats that I'd like to think people'd find useful.
  • XenonDragneel3 minutes ago
    Well I'm saying when RO and Command are competent, and a very strong, row of barricades, traps, turning points, stronghold points, flanking points and blah blah blah blah... ive seen a good asssss FOB that will never been touched...
  • Azmodan4122 minutes ago
    Ever seen Tyler's Fort Testudo in TComms? It only got breached because an incompetent engineer left a window open. We ran out of supplies as well.
  • Karmac1 minute ago
    Every FOB breaks, it's all a matter of how long it would take to break it, sometimes I've had my FOB's ignored because the amount of time and resources they'd need to spend on breaking them were unacceptable.
  • Karmac1 minute ago
    Also happy birthday finefire

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