• Simo94Yesterday, 23:53
    Balto is the last CO I saw get DS sent in on us, 10/10 would get decapped to 3 deaf squids shooting me at once
  • Waka-SanYesterday, 23:53
    It's doing stuff
  • ShyguychizzyYesterday, 23:54
    driecg36 wrote: I would've gotten away with it too, if it werent for that meddling ordo admun.
  • thfoxpzYesterday, 23:54
    cm is right underneath TG on the main site, i see people eorg every round.
  • OrdukaiYesterday, 23:54
    Looks like it's back up.
  • Waka-SanYesterday, 23:54
    Btw guys. Do you usually unload all weapons as CAS on 1 flight? Or you saving shit?
  • driecg36Yesterday, 23:54
    Oh i was memeing about the eorg thing, though i did get banned for that a really long time ago
  • MChosenYesterday, 23:55
    Unload all
  • driecg36Yesterday, 23:55
    I think it was my only ban so that's why i used it lol
  • ShyguychizzyYesterday, 23:55
    New roundo afraid. I was yer glorious CO last round. The hitler that round as many referred sending in MP to brig those who called me hitler.
  • Waka-SanYesterday, 23:55
    Shit what should I go now
  • MChosenYesterday, 23:55
    Even if you are shooting nothing, its still are denial
  • Seve82Yesterday, 23:55
    So server crassu... imma sad boy was just out of surgery and ready to go back down
  • Simo94Yesterday, 23:55
    Diecg griff me ban he
  • Waka-SanYesterday, 23:56
    Gotta go fucking spec I guess
  • MChosenYesterday, 23:56
  • Waka-SanYesterday, 23:57
    K boys I'll see ya in game
  • MChosenYesterday, 23:57
    Its up
  • Simo94Yesterday, 23:58
    Eh, gnight folks, happy FFing

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