• crono2323 May 2017, 01:40
    It's been a long time since I've bitched about a change...perhaps it's time to dust off the ol complaining cap?
  • taketheshot5623 May 2017, 02:04
    crono23 wrote: It's been a long time since I've bitched about a change...perhaps it's time to dust off the ol complaining cap?
    believe it or not, not having turrets is actually quite a game changer. Ive seen marines get much more active in defending their dropships than before. No longer can the PO just sit in his chair watching netflix. It forces you to be aware.
  • Steven Sneider23 May 2017, 02:05
    A good PO would always be aware else he would be just an extra larva
  • driecg3623 May 2017, 02:07
    PO was always kind of my chill job. Still kinda is, if you're on big red ds1.
  • driecg3623 May 2017, 02:07
    And I can always chill mid flight and on the station. Im just glad the cockpit actually has working shutters now
  • Steven Sneider23 May 2017, 02:08
    Is the idea for a customizable dropship? since having those miniguns for just props would suck.
  • driecg3623 May 2017, 02:10
    For, now its just props. There's plans for all the fluff features on the almayer though.
  • Skycave123 May 2017, 02:28
    Ya'll forgot about the plugin DJ
  • TheMaskedMan223 May 2017, 02:30
    I once sat in the hangar bubble as PO and played a "lazy" PO. Nothing happened though and I just watched through cameras and sent inspirational messages. I told the marines to make certain gestures at the camera to signal take off.
  • Writhing23 May 2017, 03:43
    posted a new topic: EORG Ban in Report a Staff Member
  • MrJJJ23 May 2017, 03:45
    >sees report first, assumes its another EORG ban plox lift didin't read it
  • MrJJJ23 May 2017, 03:45
    >Actually reads it, the guy is just asking for no note for that EORG
  • El Defaultio23 May 2017, 03:50
    Eh. Just don't shoot after the round is over. Simple as, really. That's why I don't shoot. I can't tell what is what in usually a minute span.
  • MrJJJ23 May 2017, 03:51
    He didin't got a note for it, did he?
  • El Defaultio23 May 2017, 03:51
    You get a note with the ban, is pretty much it. Just to say you've been banned.
  • MrJJJ23 May 2017, 03:52
    RIP him
  • El Defaultio23 May 2017, 03:53
    If you look at the note, it's really nothing serious. I don't really pay much heed to EORG bans unless it happens a lot.
  • Writhing23 May 2017, 03:54
    No biggie. I'll go play some Mounting Blades for a bit.
  • MrJJJ23 May 2017, 03:55
    Some mods fall for a bait of "guy has more notes than this guy, he might be guilty already", which also made me kinda amused reading texas's application when he didin't fall for it when spoony presented a case for him to solve
  • Writhing23 May 2017, 03:56
    Yeah, that's why I didn't want the note. I'll live tho

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