• lbnesquik28 Jun 2017, 09:23
    I'll go clean my house in the meantime i suppose.
  • TehSpoderman28 Jun 2017, 09:23
    Yeah or take a nap.
  • TehSpoderman28 Jun 2017, 09:23
    Fuk cleaning
  • Biolock29 minutes ago
    Or pour water on your laptop like fewdh
  • lbnesquik29 minutes ago
    No way.
  • Biolock29 minutes ago
  • lbnesquik29 minutes ago
    What? Why did he do that?
  • lbnesquik29 minutes ago
    Is this advanced rage quitting?
  • TehSpoderman28 minutes ago
    O7 press f for feweh
  • Biolock28 minutes ago
  • TehSpoderman28 minutes ago
    No he didnt do that. Feweh is our manager. He keeps us in his basement. helpusplease
  • lbnesquik27 minutes ago
    Soz. Living in france.
  • lbnesquik27 minutes ago
    A tad too far from the place where you probably are.
  • TehSpoderman27 minutes ago
  • doodeeda26 minutes ago
    Feweh is nice. Feweh is good. All praise..bZZt
  • TehSpoderman26 minutes ago
    Mudafukken fewehocracy
  • Biolock25 minutes ago
    So long as we keep the mentors from talking too much, feweh gives the real staff double rations of stale bread and goat cheese.
  • lbnesquik25 minutes ago
    @doodeeda Are you being forced to say this? Blink 3 times for yes.
  • Helgraf25 minutes ago
    What did i miss?
  • TehSpoderman24 minutes ago
    Ur face
  • lbnesquik24 minutes ago
    Every single event rounds
  • lbnesquik22 minutes ago
    By the way, how does recoil and accuracy work?
  • TehSpoderman22 minutes ago
    @ lbnesquik, btw, dont do a pred app right away. It will get denied.
  • lbnesquik20 minutes ago
    Pred app?
  • lbnesquik20 minutes ago
    You mean appeal the 3 hours ban?
  • TehSpoderman20 minutes ago
    @ lbnesquik, You can become a yautja AKA the Predator from AVP and the Predator movies.
  • TehSpoderman19 minutes ago
    @ lbnesquik, well dont appeal bans less than 24 hours. Thats also a thing you should know.
  • lbnesquik19 minutes ago
    Ah, ask for a whitelisting to play predator. Not too tempted yet.
  • Helgraf19 minutes ago
    @ lbnesquik, I feel like I've seen you before, even though your account is from today. Maybe I've seen the avatar before and that's what's confusing me.
  • lbnesquik18 minutes ago
    I checked out the forums for the rules and ban appeals.
  • lbnesquik18 minutes ago
    @helgraf Unless you happen to be playing on citadel or sybil, i'd expect you don't know me.
  • Helgraf17 minutes ago
    I played on sybil once, when I played TG I frequented Bagil
  • lbnesquik16 minutes ago
    I never went on basil actualy
  • lbnesquik10 minutes ago
    How does accuracy work over here?
  • lbnesquik10 minutes ago
    Say i put in RDS on my M4, will i get more hits on the targets i am shooting on? Will the bullets tend to hit more in general? Or is it for some kind of deviation of the bullets?
  • lbnesquik9 minutes ago
    And do i get a better chance to hit a target if directly click them rather than behind them or does it not matter at all?
  • Boltersam8 minutes ago
    We don't give out the details of our mechanics.
  • Boltersam7 minutes ago
    But, as a personal tip, I find clicking on them is better, because your character can sort've track them that way. It's that way on every server.
  • lbnesquik6 minutes ago
    So i can get attachements to improve a variable, which is accuracy, but i can't know what the variable does?
  • Boltersam6 minutes ago
  • Boltersam6 minutes ago
    You get a rough idea of what it improves.
  • Boltersam6 minutes ago
    I can tell you a red dot sight increases accuracy, but not by how much.
  • lbnesquik5 minutes ago
    What about recoil?
  • lbnesquik4 minutes ago
    I've seen it mentionned on the wiki but i didn't realy notice anything i could qualify as recoil.
  • lbnesquik4 minutes ago
    I suppose it is something that affect accuracy in burst modes?
  • Boltersam3 minutes ago
    Recoil is screen shake.
  • Boltersam2 minutes ago
    It can get REALLY bad, and will fuck up your aim. Not your character's, but yours.
  • lbnesquik2 minutes ago
    Well one last question. Is bullet scatter different from accuracy?
  • lbnesquik2 minutes ago
    The foward grip affect both variables
  • lbnesquikjust now
    In retrospect, there is a pretty obvious answer.

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