• jaggaaff29 Apr 2017, 01:07
    Thats why i just aim at left leg and stay on grab intent
  • Renomaki29 Apr 2017, 01:07
    @ jaggaaff, Doesn't that mean you are less accurate, though?
  • jaggaaff29 Apr 2017, 01:09
    Eh, my bullets usually hit unless im on my based build
  • Cupcakes_n_Hacksaws8 minutes ago
    Is it possible to sort forum posts the date they were CREATED instead of the date of the latest reply
  • Ruse8 minutes ago
    Hello all im new I hope being on a forum is as fun as people say it is.
  • apophis7758 minutes ago
  • Halinder7 minutes ago
    Apop you uh need to unlock the thread.
  • NoahKirchner7 minutes ago
    @ apophis775, I think it has to be unlocked to vote?
  • jaggaaff4 minutes ago
    I voted Goose and Maverick, Fox and Eagle, Freedom and Independence, Tear Down This Wall and Because It Is Hard, and Looney Tunes
  • Halinder3 minutes ago
    People really can't read three lines of text, can they?
  • jaggaaff3 minutes ago
  • Cupcakes_n_Hacksaws3 minutes ago
    Shit I can't delete my post in that announcement, don't ban me D:
  • NoahKirchner3 minutes ago
    I hope inheritor and victory win, because I am biased as hell. both from conrad novels heh
  • rapidboy92 minutes ago
    Abrams and Sherman is nice, but Maverick and Goose ftw.
  • jaggaaff2 minutes ago
    Alamo and Normandy, as well as Top Gun are leading
  • Cupcakes_n_Hacksaws2 minutes ago
    Ah there we go. Kept getting a 503 error when I tried to delete my comment
  • jaggaaff1 minute ago
    Apop should just spam DONT COMMENT
  • Cupcakes_n_Hacksawsjust now
    >literally no one voting for pegasus mustange LMFAO
  • Rusejust now
    Sounds like a name everyone would make fun of.
  • Kavrickjust now
    It's pretty bad

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