• SagaSword25 May 2017, 07:56
    The fuck is going on here> O.o
  • xeno36625 May 2017, 07:57
    SagaSword wrote: The fuck is going on here> O.o
    private weird stuff
  • SagaSword25 May 2017, 07:59
    Well, fuck this shit I'm out
  • WD-Andrew25 May 2017, 07:59
  • xeno36625 May 2017, 07:59
  • SagaSword25 May 2017, 08:05
  • xeno36625 May 2017, 08:08
    New rund
  • Sarah_U.25 May 2017, 08:11
    @ Karmac, ERP bannu, gimmeh your title and take the door. You have the right to a surprise snypequisition to all your suggestions before you leave if or if you don't please.
  • Sarah_U.25 May 2017, 08:12
    @ Karmac, Memes
  • xeno36625 May 2017, 08:15
    Sarah r u a gaming girl
  • Sarah_U.25 May 2017, 08:16
  • xeno36625 May 2017, 08:17
    God faken dammit i was getin hyped there for a moment
  • Sarah_U.25 May 2017, 08:25
    But if I were a gamer girl I wouldn't be on CM, I'd be getting mad cash on streams... Because I was a really good gamer in a lot of games in the past xD (SC2, SC1, WC3 (All top ranks), CS:GO (Master Guardian Elite), etc.). I even have some connections with known people, but for their own sake's and mine I'll be refraining from talking further on that xP
  • Sarah_U.25 May 2017, 08:26
    I hate the fact that you actually made me search that word. RIP me.
  • Sarah_U.25 May 2017, 08:31
    PS: Teacher asked me for 30+ words on a problem for philosophie... ... ... I made 56 and I'm unable to shorten it without feeling like I'm not doing my job to the reader by explaining the dilemma and everything, urr durr.
  • xeno36625 May 2017, 08:33
  • Sarah_U.8 minutes ago
    [Long rant] But we're all nerds now-a-days.
  • Sarah_U.2 minutes ago
    Https:// <= To give PTSD at everyone.

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