• ty5510123 May 2017, 17:51
    I have the best idea for an execution, make two firing lines on opposite sides of the person then fire
  • TehSpoderman23 May 2017, 17:51
    @ driecg36, i feel that sometimes they intentionally FF people.
  • driecg3623 May 2017, 17:54
    @ TehSpoderman, I think doing things intentionally requires too many braincells tbh
  • TehSpoderman23 May 2017, 17:55
    @ driecg36, braincells are reserved for xennus. Apop daddy has the power to give braincells. All Xeno buffs are secretly just ways that Apop gave braincells
  • ty5510123 May 2017, 17:55
    I want everyone to know that if a xeno or antag is running around and you want to shoot them but can't hit them cause of lag then switch to aim instead of fire and if you click them once then it will automatically shoot them
  • TehSpoderman23 May 2017, 17:56
    Aim is for urobust cuckeroos
  • ty5510123 May 2017, 17:56
    And by everyone I mean just the people in this chat because this information is too useful for the casuals
  • TehSpoderman23 May 2017, 17:58
    >Casuals >Casuals in CM nonexistant >Casuals in SS13 are nonexistant >elitist keks intensify
  • ty5510123 May 2017, 17:59
    Well then what are baldies?
  • TehSpoderman23 May 2017, 17:59
    So what does Feweh's job as Manager include?
  • TehSpoderman23 May 2017, 17:59
    @ ty55101, baldies are people who are prejudiced in CM. Reno is a baldie scum.
  • ty5510123 May 2017, 18:00
    @ TehSpoderman, Feweh manages the forums, I believe donations, and is vice head admin
  • TehSpoderman23 May 2017, 18:02
  • ty5510123 May 2017, 18:03
    Oh, he is also in charge of staff apps
  • stolzdude23 May 2017, 18:12
    If you autoaim you risk shooting friendly marines, it's not like anyone cares about that though
  • ty5510123 May 2017, 18:13
    It takes me maybe half a second to stop autoaiming
  • Night of the Meme9 minutes ago
  • TehSpoderman8 minutes ago
    @ Night of the Meme, welcome to the forums nerd
  • Night of the Meme5 minutes ago
    posted a new topic: Flashback Fridayyy! in Suggestions
  • ty551013 minutes ago
    Joins the forums and immediately makes a suggestion

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