• A normal peepToday, 16:04
    Use some default avatar
  • VampmareToday, 16:04
    I guess this means it's time to do something productive
  • thfoxpzToday, 16:04
    i'm not creative so it's just my character
  • IatotsToday, 16:04
    Back after a 1year CM break, has "rambo" falled out of use? Haven't seen anyone use it this couple days
  • IatotsToday, 16:04
    And it explains perfectly why marines lost last round
  • thfoxpzToday, 16:07
    xeno buffs also helped
  • ValGarilovichToday, 16:07
    Server returns
  • JennerToday, 16:15
    Revenge of the server maint
  • Skimmy2Today, 16:46
    I have a fever of 99.5, somebody please FF me
  • oprayx73Today, 16:53
    Oprayx73 fires the M41A Pulse Rifle! A piece of shrapnel sticks into the wound!
  • DriedMilkToday, 17:10
    You feel a sharp pain in your groin!
  • MartzinToday, 17:22
    U L T I M A T E B A D A S S E S
  • MartzinToday, 17:23
    Ultimate baldies more like it
  • Lukey111Today, 18:07
    Y E S
  • Lukey111Today, 18:07
    If only there were baldies...
  • Simo94Today, 18:18
    posted a new topic: FOB marines be like.... in Acid Goop
  • MartzinToday, 18:23
    RIP the baldies... crewies suck
  • wargamerofamericaToday, 18:40
  • Gerald Noodles53 minutes ago
    Dem crewcuts
  • oprayx737 minutes ago
    High T levels

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