• Jaketeaking25 Apr 2017, 08:22
    But theres a patch/update coming anyway, sooo...
  • Steelpoint25 Apr 2017, 08:23
    Escape pods and self destruct were bugged, we called a distress but the evac would not work. The admins had to intervene to do it manually
  • Ikmalmn9 minutes ago
    I mean, "exploding the whole ship" would cause tremendous amounts of lag. So a simple "You fucking lost the ship" is ok in my books. As for Big red, I think the enclosed nature of it leads to a fast paced round/battle. Discouraging stalemates.
  • Ikmalmn7 minutes ago
    Also, can one even become the "Ravengers"? The ravager caste that can shoot out flames?
  • Steelpoint7 minutes ago
    I think that was admin fuckery
  • Steelpoint7 minutes ago
    While its early days but Big Red seems to go by fast. Most rounds taking one to two hours to finish.
  • Steelpoint7 minutes ago
    Though this may be due to it being very new and stratagies not forming yet
  • spartanbobby6 minutes ago
  • Tristan635 minutes ago
    Big red is 'uge
  • Kavrick4 minutes ago
    Big red is what i nicknamed my tumor
  • Ikmalmn4 minutes ago
    We gotta wait till we get a map overview before we can truly judge it
  • Steelpoint4 minutes ago
    Its not small but its a very close quarters map mostly
  • Ikmalmn4 minutes ago
    *begins to judge it*
  • Steelpoint3 minutes ago
  • Steelpoint3 minutes ago
    Those images are a WIP
  • Steelpoint2 minutes ago
    I love the new command personal armoury. Three old Mk1 Pulse Rifles, two Auto Shotguns and a personal Commander Smartgun.
  • Snypehunter0072 minutes ago
    Well most of the movies are close quarters like Ice Colony but lack the two z levels ehich leads to fast action, if I am hearing this correctly.
  • Steelpoint1 minute ago
  • Steelpointjust now
    From my observations as XO it seems conflict happens hard and fast, and when playing its only a very short jog to the frontline

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