• Helgraf15 minutes ago
    Squad Leaders can assign their marines to fireteams to create subgroups in their squad. Simply examine a marine of your squad and click "Assign to a fireteam" in the text. Marines assigned to a fireteam get a small number icon next to their squad HUD icon so marines of a same fireteam can recognize each other and stay together.
  • Youbar15 minutes ago
    Who made this map? Its layout actually makes sense.
  • TehSpoderman15 minutes ago
    Sprite overhaul too. Bridge is now called the CiC
  • Helgraf15 minutes ago
    Larva chestbursting is different now. When the alien embryo has grown a new larva is spawned inside the host and a candidate player given control if there's on. The player can trigger the chestburst sequence by just moving. After about 20 seconds of not bursting the larva automatically chestburst, whether it is controlled by a player yet or not. If a doctor removes the embryo after it has grown into a larva, the doctor extracts a live larva out of the human instead of a dead embryo.
  • TehSpoderman14 minutes ago
    Our talented mappers of course!
  • Helgraf14 minutes ago
    Big Red as well
  • TehSpoderman13 minutes ago
    @ Youbar, i think i saw you this year...when i thought about becoming Mod.
  • TehSpoderman13 minutes ago
    U nerd u thought i forgot?
  • Youbar13 minutes ago
    @ TehSpoderman, Yeah, and I told you how to get moderator within about two weeks.
  • TehSpoderman12 minutes ago
    @ Youbar, too bad age exists
  • Helgraf12 minutes ago
  • TehSpoderman11 minutes ago
    Also Helgraf is a furry now
  • Youbar11 minutes ago
    That's why you never tell the truth about your age.
  • TehSpoderman11 minutes ago
    Im making muh pred app
  • TehSpoderman10 minutes ago
    @ Youbar, i was about to say it didnt work well for Dobbs but nobody found out except when he admitted it
  • TehSpoderman10 minutes ago
    Brb making a mod app
  • Youbar10 minutes ago
    Yeah, but Dobbs is a retard. His spelling and grammar was so atrocious that you knew he couldn't be much older than 12.
  • Helgraf10 minutes ago
    Youbar wrote: That's why you never tell the truth about your age.
    rip Jdobbins
  • TehSpoderman9 minutes ago
  • Youbar9 minutes ago
    I mean, he had a Pokemon for an avatar. How could you not tell he was underage?
  • Helgraf9 minutes ago
    Today's my last day of school (until next year, rip)
  • Jay Burns8 minutes ago
    Haha I remember when cas tried to apply for mod
  • TehSpoderman8 minutes ago
    @ Youbar, hey pokemon is the shit
  • TehSpoderman8 minutes ago
    @ Jay Burns, who?
  • Helgraf8 minutes ago
  • Helgraf8 minutes ago
    I remember when they were a mentor
  • Youbar8 minutes ago
    Then what happened?
  • Youbar7 minutes ago
    I'm expecting some sort of meltdown. A bit like Surrealistik.
  • TehSpoderman7 minutes ago
  • TehSpoderman7 minutes ago
    @ Youbar, they metagriefed a server
  • Jay Burns7 minutes ago
    Oh they went and meta-commed and griffed on hippie
  • Youbar7 minutes ago
    Oh, yeah, right. I remember that.
  • Helgraf7 minutes ago
  • TehSpoderman7 minutes ago
    With another mentor i believe
  • slc976 minutes ago
    If you wanna know what happened, read the staff list reason for removal. We don't talk bad about former staff. That's between him and us.
  • TehSpoderman6 minutes ago
    Also megalopeos applied again
  • slc976 minutes ago
    Or at least, we shouldn't be talking bad about former staff. Isn't that right, boys and girls?
  • Youbar5 minutes ago
    That's alright. I've got dozens of players, too, who I'll happily talk about.
  • TehSpoderman5 minutes ago
    Yes master. dontbeatmeplease
  • Jay Burns5 minutes ago
    Haha remember the time you told Slc to behead people in syria, that was a meme
  • TehSpoderman5 minutes ago
  • TehSpoderman4 minutes ago
    Btw anyone wanna see my pred backstory and see if it is going well?
  • TehSpoderman4 minutes ago
    Or am i not allowed to do that?
  • Youbar4 minutes ago
    Share it. We can give feedback.
  • TehSpoderman3 minutes ago
    Here? in mchat?
  • Youbar2 minutes ago
    Post a Google Drive link to it or something. Don't post the entire thing here.
  • TehSpoderman1 minute ago
    Damn i already PM'd u it
  • TehSpoderman1 minute ago
    Oh well
  • Youbarjust now
    I never got a PM.

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