• xeno36625 Apr 2017, 08:11
    new round
  • Snypehunter00725 Apr 2017, 08:12
    So I missed it, how does everyone like th Ayylmao?
  • MrJJJ25 Apr 2017, 08:12
    Very good
  • xeno36625 Apr 2017, 08:13
    Alot of people hate it for some reason
  • Dirty Old Harry25 Apr 2017, 08:13
    It's something....
  • xeno36625 Apr 2017, 08:13
    I LOVE the new guns for rasp and the blue space cannons for ayylmao
  • xeno36625 Apr 2017, 08:13
    Ayylmao EVEN HAS AN AI NOW!
  • Peachy291225 Apr 2017, 08:14
    I think its creepy, and that makes it good.
  • xeno3669 minutes ago
    Ai rouge round
  • Steelpoint8 minutes ago
    What new Rasp guns>?
  • Steelpoint8 minutes ago
    The dropships lost their sentry guns
  • Snypehunter0078 minutes ago
    I am curious to hear why people hate the Ayylmao
  • Steelpoint7 minutes ago
  • Steelpoint7 minutes ago
    I like it so far, I find battles in the Ayylmao to be more fun due to how big the ship is. Also I love the new escape pod system and self destruct (when it works)
  • Snypehunter0075 minutes ago
    Has there been problems with it?
  • Ikmalmn4 minutes ago
    I think people are unaware on how it works (escape pods)
  • Jaketeaking3 minutes ago
    The self destruct seems to be bugged, and the rasps are defenceless, but i personally love the new ship. not really a fan of big red, think its waaaay to small
  • Jaketeaking2 minutes ago
    But theres a patch/update coming anyway, sooo...
  • Steelpoint1 minute ago
    Escape pods and self destruct were bugged, we called a distress but the evac would not work. The admins had to intervene to do it manually
  • Ikmalmnjust now
    I mean, "exploding the whole ship" would cause tremendous amounts of lag. So a simple "You fucking lost the ship" is ok in my books. As for Big red, I think the enclosed nature of it leads to a fast paced round/battle. Discouraging stalemates.

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