• Rustarus29 May 2017, 21:20
    Because I love making my own story on games? Hue
  • Nyeshivuu29 May 2017, 21:20
    Yeah that
  • alekfenrir29 May 2017, 21:22
    Trying to learn medic or Doctor is a little daunting
  • Nyeshivuu29 May 2017, 21:23
    Ss13 could probably only work if it is small
  • TehSpoderman29 May 2017, 21:23
    @ alekfenrir, not really. just learn what each basic medicine does and you will be fine
  • Nyeshivuu29 May 2017, 21:23
    It gets routine to be medic or doctor once you know what to do
  • Nyeshivuu9 minutes ago
    Also, empty out syringe cases in first aid kits, they add extra room
  • alekfenrir8 minutes ago
    Right, I'll try medic first I figure, not sure if I'm going to be quick enough with the tools to do surgery efficently
  • Nyeshivuu8 minutes ago
    Put some autoinjectors in the syringe cases
  • alekfenrir7 minutes ago
    Load it with Tricord and the like?
  • Rustarus5 minutes ago
    Heres my tip with medic, bring every pill besides russian red and anti infection.... and keep looking at the wiki for what you have to heal. Empty out one guaze, one ointment and keep only dexalin syringes and one bicar syringe, along with the quickclot and some trico
  • Rustarus4 minutes ago
    If there is a person thats bleeding instead of using gauze, use a advanced brute kit, not only does it stop the bleeding, it heals the player itself. Use the advanced brute kits if they are dead too
  • alekfenrir3 minutes ago
    Right, so pocket everything and keey my second screen lit with refrence docs
  • Rustarus2 minutes ago
    Yeah, basically. If you keep playing medic whilst using the wiki, you'll need it less and less... eventually learning it by heart, like I have. You only really need to know bicar, which is brute, kelo, which is burn, dexa, which is oxygen, and dylo which is toxin
  • Edgelord2 minutes ago
    And splinting
  • Rustarus1 minute ago
    Also, ask medical for peri pill bottles. PILL BOTTLES!!! (Not liquid) They heal shit like brain damage, liver damage, lung damage, stuff like that. Organs in general
  • alekfenrir1 minute ago
    Bicar over Tricor, or take it with so I don't OD someone on Either?
  • Rustarus1 minute ago
    If someone has internal bleeding, it might be best just to give them one just in case... and dont forget splinting... just ask where it hurts the most and splint that
  • alekfenrir1 minute ago
    Oh fuck I wish everyone had that, the number of times I've taken an AP round to the skull 10 mintues in and sat in triage for an hour afterwards.
  • Rustarusjust now
    OH! And tram, which relieves pain... oxy syringe does the same thing, but instead of feeling broken bones like tram does, you completely ignore broken bones

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