• TheMaskedMan226 May 2017, 02:03
  • Slraptor26 May 2017, 02:15
    ^ *cough* Xeno Main * Cough* wait what I didnt say anything i love masked
  • Snypehunter00726 May 2017, 02:21
    How could anyone love anybody other than an Observer Main?
  • Nick123q2326 May 2017, 02:25
    Ghosts are the real winners
  • driecg3626 May 2017, 02:25
    Scrubs move aside, lobby main here
  • caleeb10126 May 2017, 02:25
    I was observer maining not too long ago due to a period in time when we got a bunch of new players and the game just became unplayable because of baldness
  • TheMaskedMan226 May 2017, 02:27
    I only play Xeno cause i'm too robust as a marine, it wouldn't be fair to Xenos.
  • driecg3626 May 2017, 02:31
    @ TheMaskedMan2, i only stay in the lobby because im so robust any side i join would instantly win
  • TheMaskedMan226 May 2017, 02:33
    @ driecg36, Yeah well i'm a Mr. Wiggles main.
  • Snypehunter00726 May 2017, 02:35
    Ah, those were the Trial Mod days...
  • Snypehunter00726 May 2017, 02:36
    And they were glorIOUS!
  • Snypehunter00726 May 2017, 02:38
    I remember so many fond memories of fun RP from back in my trial mod days.
  • taketheshot5626 May 2017, 02:43
    As a hunter im finding it very hard trying to get onto the almeyer. Can any xenos givr me some tips?
  • tuzz26 May 2017, 02:44
    Why are you trying to do that?
  • taketheshot5626 May 2017, 02:45
    To cause widespread oanic of course and scout for mother.
  • Tharinoma26 May 2017, 02:47
  • tuzz26 May 2017, 02:55
    Best way is to go up with the hive. even if you manged to get up there you won't last long alone and without weeds
  • Nyeshivuu26 May 2017, 03:05
    I kind of want to be a mod
  • Andkert26 May 2017, 03:20
    Go for it no one is stopping you
  • Nyeshivuu26 May 2017, 03:25

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