• TheMusician32126 May 2017, 04:22
    You asked for it spoony
  • TheSpoonyCroy26 May 2017, 04:23
    I did.... Just remember don't underestimate a boot knife :P
  • TheMusician32126 May 2017, 04:23
    Pfft boot knife? try entrenching shovel, it's the new meta.
  • TheMusician32126 May 2017, 04:24
    Seriously though, one hit from it broke my lungs for some reason and nearly killed me 3-4 times.
  • TheSpoonyCroy26 May 2017, 04:25
    Well they can be used as improvised weapons...
  • Bmc77726 May 2017, 04:27
    We're gonna remove bullets and just have guns shoot entrenching shovels instead.
  • TheMusician32126 May 2017, 04:28
    Yes pls.
  • TheSpoonyCroy26 May 2017, 04:28
    I would love to have an adminbus weapon that could do that...
  • TheSpoonyCroy26 May 2017, 04:29
    Grapeshot of shovels from a shotty. The possibilities are limitless
  • TheMusician32126 May 2017, 04:30
    As Freemysoul always said, 'it's a buckshot made out of slugs.'
  • Nyeshivuu26 May 2017, 04:31
    Actual slugs
  • Nyeshivuu26 May 2017, 04:31
    They just drip out of the barrel
  • TheSpoonyCroy26 May 2017, 04:34
    Also Ed 10/10 app, but with that finally done
  • TheMusician32126 May 2017, 04:35
    Thanks, i spent 30 seconds on it and wasnt sure if it was gud enuff
  • TheSpoonyCroy26 May 2017, 04:36
    However I would think its more fitting for a Dev app than a mod app
  • MrJJJ26 May 2017, 06:40
    TheSpoonyCroy wrote: However I would think its more fitting for a Dev app than a mod app
    >Ed >as a dev
  • MrJJJ26 May 2017, 06:40
  • FelixG26 May 2017, 06:57
    Why webbing and holsters only in Req? Do not nerf crusher give webbings!
  • Zartam2 minutes ago
    Actually medics have webbings too
  • FelixGjust now
    I mean grunts don't have any. Only specs, med, engi and sl's. It feels unreal. All modern army carry webbings.

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