• shyshadow25 Apr 2017, 23:33
    It's been 30 fucking minutes.
  • McRipfist25 Apr 2017, 23:34
    I hope this isn't IC in OOC
  • NoahKirchner25 Apr 2017, 23:34
    In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories. DUN DUN ((also icky in ocky))
  • shyshadow25 Apr 2017, 23:35
    Complaining about things occuring in game doesn't really count as IC in OOC.
  • NoahKirchner25 Apr 2017, 23:36
    Yes it does, because you are complaining about things happening ingame
  • NoahKirchner25 Apr 2017, 23:36
    No IC in OOC or vise-versa - Keep IC (In-Character) in IC and OOC (Out-Of-Character) in OOC. Do not use ((double parentheses)) or any other method to speak OOC in Say chat. Use the Local OOC (LOOC) verb instead. OOC/LOOC should never be used to inform a player of something they wouldn't know or find out IC, such as a dead player using LOOC to inform someone nearby that they are in their body and can be cloned.
  • David Attenbruv25 Apr 2017, 23:36
    CIS > "Detective, what have you found?" "Semen." "Sailors? I knew it." "No, Semen. Semen everywhere."
  • David Attenbruv25 Apr 2017, 23:43
    Doctor just grins after Shy's character's dead and goes "IC dead people."
  • Andkert25 Apr 2017, 23:47
    I love me some incompetent doctors.
  • David Attenbruv25 Apr 2017, 23:48
    I just slice people up, like Picasso with a paint brush just swipe everywhere until something goes right.
  • Kneez26 Apr 2017, 00:08
    posted a new topic: Predator Cloak Bug Upon Death in Bugs
  • Bikibuu26 Apr 2017, 00:15
  • Ikmalmn26 Apr 2017, 00:19
    New Round Incoming
  • Ikmalmn26 Apr 2017, 00:19
    And a new patch update
  • Sarah_U.26 Apr 2017, 00:21
  • Sarah_U.26 Apr 2017, 00:29
  • completelynewguy26 Apr 2017, 00:31
  • KEY26 Apr 2017, 00:36
    posted a new topic: Self-Destruct Animation. in Bugs
  • OatzAndHoes26 Apr 2017, 01:30
    God this update is fucking amazing, I am having fun as an engineer again

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