• ty5510128 May 2017, 21:47
    Max since you are new let me inform you of the rule you never ever ever break no matter what
  • ty5510128 May 2017, 21:48
    Don't Erotic Roleplay
  • ty5510128 May 2017, 21:48
    That means don't even mention anything that may come across as sexual unless you want a ban
  • Maxvess28 May 2017, 21:49
    I'm not new. I've been playing SS13 since 2012. ERP is pretty good when it's not like 'UH OH MY DICK IN URR MOUTH UUHHH'. But thank you.
  • DrPng28 May 2017, 21:49
    ERP is not neccessary, at all.
  • DrPng28 May 2017, 21:50
    Just RP normally, keep your dick in your pants
  • ty5510128 May 2017, 21:50
    Okay, thought you were since you were asking a bunch of questions
  • ty5510128 May 2017, 21:50
    The medic might need to operate on it though
  • Asmodius28 May 2017, 21:59
    Did dream daemon kill anyone elses connection just now
  • ty5510128 May 2017, 22:00
    Its the server probably, its kinda bogged down
  • ty5510128 May 2017, 22:00
    As the admins are probably also
  • qbmax28 May 2017, 22:00
    RIP my connection
  • Damikeis28 May 2017, 22:06
    Well that round was confusing
  • Mystery_Man2133328 May 2017, 22:06
  • darkwahn28 May 2017, 22:07
    Was great to observe
  • DrPng7 minutes ago
    Ok, so i spawned as an alien yet being job banned for it.
  • Chuckachu7 minutes ago
    If you late join can you be a marine engineer?
  • NoahKirchner1 minute ago
    @ Chuckachu, If there are any slots open, yes.

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