• shyshadow8 minutes ago
    @ Sarah_U., When R U going to dis my pred app?
  • Sarah_U.7 minutes ago
    @ shyshadow, When are you gonna git gud and not need my support?
  • shyshadow7 minutes ago
    @ Sarah_U., I don't need it, I want it.
  • Sarah_U.6 minutes ago
  • CraayyZ5 minutes ago
  • shyshadow5 minutes ago
    But I'm hoping to get sticked for review at the end of the week or month if I'm honest.
  • Sarah_U.4 minutes ago
    -1'd it.
  • CraayyZ3 minutes ago
    Your mom would -1 your existence cuck
  • shyshadow3 minutes ago
    Aww shit man, my life isn't worth living if I don't have senpai's +1 BRB.
  • Sarah_U.3 minutes ago
    As in, sum up your backstory or I wont read >:C
  • Renomaki3 minutes ago
    You know..
  • shyshadow3 minutes ago
    Read the 1st paragraph and that basically sums up the entire thing
  • Renomaki2 minutes ago
    If there is one thing that makes me regret going CO, it is getting insulted by Feweh themselves simply because I was dealt a bad deck of cards
  • Renomaki2 minutes ago
    Sure, that last round was rubbish, and we all fucked up, but still.. He coulda kept it to himself.
  • Sarah_U.2 minutes ago
    @ Renomaki, RIP What happened? Had to eat, couldn't see the end.
  • Snypehunter0071 minute ago
  • Snypehunter0071 minute ago
    Yall should join the discord.
  • Snypehunter007just now
    @ Sarah_U., @ Renomaki, join me and Tuzz. JOoooooooin usssssss.
  • Renomakijust now
    @ Sarah_U., After a number of fuck ups, when the aliens retreated en mass from the Alma, Feweh had the nerve to insult the USCM command staff as a whole, despite my best efforts to be a good CO
  • Snypehunter007just now
    Just Feweh being Feweh.

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