• misto25 Jun 2017, 03:30
  • misto25 Jun 2017, 04:11
  • misto25 Jun 2017, 05:05
  • Tylaaaaar25 Jun 2017, 05:36
    3 suggestions in the space of 1 hour and 35 mins
  • Crab_Spider25 Jun 2017, 05:36
    RIP o7
  • Crab_Spider25 Jun 2017, 05:36
  • Tylaaaaar25 Jun 2017, 05:37
    Now that is fucking lengthy
  • doodeeda25 Jun 2017, 05:39
    Bucklecuffing to a rollerbed as an MP is powergaming
  • doodeeda25 Jun 2017, 05:40
    Unless your transporting wounded
  • Tylaaaaar25 Jun 2017, 05:40
    get out of here stalker
  • doodeeda25 Jun 2017, 05:42
    Misery is good
  • Tylaaaaar25 Jun 2017, 05:43
    I've got it installed just never touched it lol
  • doodeeda25 Jun 2017, 05:43
    My PC is kinda sucky sadly so I can't enjoy its high graphics but i can make do
  • doodeeda25 Jun 2017, 05:43
    I haven't played it in a while
  • doodeeda25 Jun 2017, 05:43
    Im just waiting for the new update
  • Tylaaaaar25 Jun 2017, 05:44
    stalker CoC on high graphs is fucking amazing
  • Tylaaaaar25 Jun 2017, 05:44
    Whats the new update supposed to add?
  • Crab_Spider25 Jun 2017, 05:45
    doodeeda wrote: Bucklecuffing to a rollerbed as an MP is powergaming
    ...and you guys never clarify or even say why it's not allowed...why?
  • doodeeda25 Jun 2017, 05:45
    Buncha stuff i guess. you can read about it on their moddb page
  • doodeeda25 Jun 2017, 05:46
    Well..roller beds are for wounded not transporting criminals to the brig in order to be sanic Judge Dredd
  • doodeeda25 Jun 2017, 05:46
    It makes sense to me why it's not allowed. but i don't enforce it..i'm a mentor
  • Tylaaaaar25 Jun 2017, 05:47
    but what if they are a wounded criminal. DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN plot twist
  • doodeeda25 Jun 2017, 05:48
    Crab spider
  • doodeeda25 Jun 2017, 05:48
    You should have cut off carson's limb first ;)
  • doodeeda25 Jun 2017, 05:49
    Mud and blood 3 came out woo
  • Crab_Spider25 Jun 2017, 05:49
    Then I'd be banned for grief and my perma request would be approved
  • doodeeda25 Jun 2017, 05:50
  • Crab_Spider25 Jun 2017, 05:50
    Yep... ;-;
  • doodeeda25 Jun 2017, 05:51
    Try mud and blood crab spider..a new game for the 3 days
  • doodeeda25 Jun 2017, 05:51
  • Crab_Spider25 Jun 2017, 05:51
    Does it require RAM?
  • doodeeda29 minutes ago
    Uh idk. it's a browser game
  • Tylaaaaar29 minutes ago
    looks pretty shit tbh
  • Crab_Spider29 minutes ago
  • doodeeda28 minutes ago
    It's a brutality is fun WW2 game where you kill germans with your soldiers
  • doodeeda28 minutes ago
    MnB2 is a last stand game where you face waves. MnB3 is one where you advance across europe..just came out
  • doodeeda27 minutes ago
    Some screenshots..
  • Tylaaaaar27 minutes ago
    Or you know just buy men of war, cod waw, heroes and generals, day of infamy all these ww2 titles
  • doodeeda27 minutes ago
    Go to page 5 actually
  • doodeeda26 minutes ago
    MnB2 is pretty fun. there were challenges like getting to wave 100 with only 6 paratroopers or whatever you had at round start
  • Tylaaaaar26 minutes ago
    It looks meh, something I would play at 4am and im bored as fuck
  • doodeeda25 minutes ago
    You get to call in a sniper, officer, Gunner, engineer, medic. make pillboxes, camo nets, trenches, sandbags. if you had more than 6 men visible, germans would get to do special stuff like mass arty
  • TehSpoderman25 minutes ago
    I just play a hacked version. More fun
  • doodeeda24 minutes ago
    There's also Mud and Blood Recon. You're in vietnam and you get to pick 4 of your rangers to send in various missions and kill viet cong and such
  • Tylaaaaar24 minutes ago
    it reminds me off endless war defense which is some flashgame I used to play 2ish years ago
  • doodeeda21 minutes ago
    I think it's pretty neat. nice aesthetic for me with the art and the pinning mechanic and the gibbing
  • TehSpoderman20 minutes ago
  • Tylaaaaar20 minutes ago
    good game

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