• Jay Burns8 minutes ago
    Which got them killed
  • Simo948 minutes ago
    i think its a sand storm on big red, not fog, darude sand storm
  • Mxssi108 minutes ago
    Ah were you escorting Alpha, Moon?
  • Simo947 minutes ago
    Jay Burns wrote: Which got them killed
    my point exactly
  • Jaketeaking7 minutes ago
    Simo94 wrote: map needs thicc fog for xeno's sake
    no, fog is a fuckin horrible idea. plus, marines have yet to rush the nests, as theyre usually building up the fob or scouting.
  • Moon Tune7 minutes ago
    Yeah I was with Alpha
  • Simo947 minutes ago
    young/mature xenos are easy to kill, even crusher is weak at young
  • David Attenbruv6 minutes ago
    Should make a squad called Beta and have those that spawn in it have like 1% health a piece
  • Simo946 minutes ago
    @ Jaketeaking, fog is a win-win situation, marines have time to set up power/tcomms and FOBs and xenos get to build the hive, weed and egg the area and mature
  • Mxssi105 minutes ago
    Yeh I was Nylo Fielder if you can remember
  • Crab_Spider5 minutes ago
    @ driecg36, There's nothing in Marine Law that doesn't say I can't torture a permabrig prisoner with the CO's permission and with their consent (asked n answered via LOOC of course) for questioning :) (yeah I know, it's not happening again, but I'm totally doing it to preds in this very set up)
  • Moon Tune3 minutes ago
    @ Mxssi10, Hm ... can't recall it sorry, I went away from alpha pretty quick anyways to try to contact WY planetside. Didn't really work
  • David Attenbruv2 minutes ago
    Death Squad should be a role
  • driecg362 minutes ago
    @ Crab_Spider, I'll forgive it against xeno scum, but against a marine, thats definetly assault and neglect of duty
  • Simo942 minutes ago
    @ David Attenbruv, deaf squid*
  • Jay Burns1 minute ago
  • Crab_Spider1 minute ago
    Honestly, I'm surprised the Admins didn't call me out on that instance via MOTHER report.
  • David Attenbruv1 minute ago
    Haha deaf squid lol
  • driecg36just now
    @ Jay Burns, get instamemed by feweh
  • eternalnight264just now

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