• ty5510127 May 2017, 21:55
    A shower or someone splashing water on you would
  • Edgelord27 May 2017, 22:09
    I don't understand how people survive without carrying gauze and ointment
  • Screamingstar27 May 2017, 22:26
    Mhm so ya know
  • Swagile27 May 2017, 22:51
    posted a new topic: [Xeno] Nested Stuns in Bugs
  • Screamingstar27 May 2017, 22:51
    My app feels so cold
  • Swagile27 May 2017, 22:51
    posted a new topic: [Xeno] Huggers in Bugs
  • Arbiter37527 May 2017, 22:53
  • DrPng27 May 2017, 22:53
    Well, hey got banned for ghosting as a queen but id rather get banned than shit happening during a storm
  • jaggaaff9 minutes ago
    @ DrPng, did you ahelp you were ghosting?
  • DrPng9 minutes ago
    So, cheers everyone, see you all 24 hours
  • DrPng9 minutes ago
    Nah, my mistake i guess i dunno
  • jaggaaff8 minutes ago
    @ DrPng, if you a-help they wont ding-dong bannu
  • DrPng7 minutes ago
    Well if its storming to all hell outside, that's kinda the only thing you can think about rather than video games. It wasn't that bad when i started playing as queen, but like 6 minutes in it got really bad
  • Karmac7 minutes ago
    You just gotta let somelne know and it's good
  • Karmac7 minutes ago
    Not much we can do now
  • DrPng6 minutes ago
    Yeah, it's all good im just gonna wait it out.
  • jaggaaff6 minutes ago
    @ DrPng, did it like, spawn F5 tornades and fire spewing errywhere?
  • DrPng5 minutes ago
    Yea man, like 5 whirly woos destroyed my house leveled everthing. i found my pc stranded in a field though, so its alright.
  • Goliath4 minutes ago
    Third of the way for my commander app now. feelsgoodman
  • Helgraf1 minute ago
    40% now

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