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Our community is run entirely by player donations. Your assistance is what enables us to continue working on the server we love!

How it works

Donors receive one cosmetic item for each of the below amounts donated up to a maximum of four items. Donors can only have a total of 4 cosmetic items. Thus, additional donations after the first four will replace existing cosmetic items (or your items will stay the same if you'd just like to donate - thanks!). Cosmetic items automatically spawn inside of the player's backpack/satchel at the start of every round (see right). The item must be cosmetic in nature, but they will retain the statistics (armor values, fire protection, etc) of standard Marine gear. We can also rename the item just for your character.


There are a few stipulations regarding cosmetic items:

  • The item(s) cannot be Weyland-Yutani PMC-based gear
  • The item(s) must coincide with a reasonable theme regarding the Aliens universe or other futuristic worlds. For example, Fallout 3 gear is acceptable. A clown suit is not.

Cosmetic Items

$5 = One Default Cosmetic Item: An item that already exists in the code. It can be renamed to have your character's name.

- Raw .dmi icons from default Baystation (open in Dream Maker to view)

- Quick screenshots of some of the above: Suits, Uniforms, Hats, Masks


  • A Bag of Holding that acts like a regular backpack
  • Reactive Armor that has its ability to teleport the user removed
  • "[Your Name]'s Beret"

$10 = One Custom Cosmetic Item: A newly-created (or previously-made for $10) custom item of your choice that can be coded and sprited by our developers. It can be renamed to have your character's name. However, other players are able to donate for this item after you've requested it and had it made for you.


  • A Ranger Helmet from Fallout 3 called "John's Ranger Helmet"
  • A suit & tie combo with a color scheme of your choice
  • Armor with a camouflage pattern

$15 = One Unique Custom Cosmetic Item: The same as the above in that it is custom-sprited to fit your specifications (including having your name, if you wish it), with the added benefit of being completely unique to your character and no one else - ever. For example, if you want to be the only person on the server with a Fallout 3 Ranger Helmet, this is how you do it.

Additional Benefits

All of the following benefits are provided after any donation of $5 or more:

  • The "Donor" rank on the forums, which allows you "Read" access to our Staff Development forum.
  • The Change OOC Color verb in-game, which allows you to change your OOC chat color to anything you like.
  • The [D] tag in OOC chat, identifying that you're a server supporter. You know you want the D.

What to do:

  1. Post a new topic in our Donation Requests forum with your information. Topics posted here are private and only visible to you and other Staff.
  2. Apophis or another staff member will contact you and work out the details.
  3. Ensure that your donation is approved FIRST before moving on to the next step.
  4. Click on the "Donate" button below to donate your discussed amount and authorize the transaction with PayPal.
  5. Retrieve your new cosmetic items from within your player's backpack in the near future.

Example items from our expert pixel artist, Joshuu: