B'uruk Pa (Unworthy of Speech)

The hunt begins.
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B'uruk Pa (Unworthy of Speech)

Post by Ghodere » 27 Dec 2017, 23:03

Byond ID:

Marine Name (so we know who you are; if you play alien mostly, state that here):
Pleasure 'Dome' DeCree

Name of the character you want whitelisted (The name your predator will use. This must match your in-game predator name):
B'uruk Pa

Are you familiar with the Predator Code Of Honor?

Character background (An ADEQUATE description and story of your predators background):
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How do you intend to play your predator (as in, describe HOW you will act/play your predator)?
I intend to play B'uruk Pa as a prideful predator, who is enraged by insults and slights. Outside of this, however, he won't be unreasonably haughty or antagonistic- the idea is for RP to be standard until a thoughtless insult is put forth, whereupon aggression is ratcheted up. Of course, as do all predators, he values the Hunt above all; his other characteristics add to the basic yautja formula instead of supplanting it.

Why should we whitelist you?
I think I could add value and RP to rounds, and spice up the yautja pool. I also would personally welcome the challenge of RPing a very different character, with different motivations and flaws, than can be found elsewhere in the game. I also have no notes to my name (to my knowledge), and have played a number of characters with different personalities that necessitated more involved RP, like Solomon Ginsberg and Peretroit Noia.

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason (we will check, and lies may result in immediate denial)?

Are you currently banned from any other servers and if so, why?

Do you understand that any player - donor or otherwise - can have their whitelist status revoked should they break our rules or disobey the Predator Code of Honor?

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Re: B'uruk Pa (Unworthy of Speech)

Post by Heckenshutze » 27 Dec 2017, 23:43

Right, I liked the background story, nice writting by the way. I've seen your charactee around.. a Charlie bald marine, hard to miss.

Now, your flaws: Not enough forum activity, this is a must, all pred players must me known in game and on the forums in order to get approved. Um.. let's see, other than being a Hunter that doesn't let anyone to insult him I expected to see more original stuff.

I'd like to see you improving your forum activity and getting more popular In Game
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Re: B'uruk Pa (Unworthy of Speech)

Post by Bobalobdob » 28 Dec 2017, 05:02

I've been this guy's SL plenty tines and can vouch for competency and ability to not be bald despite the appearance. They aren't just some normal "unga dunga shoot da ayyliums" kind of marine, they actual put some RP into it. +1
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Re: B'uruk Pa (Unworthy of Speech)

Post by Redikal V » 28 Dec 2017, 10:28

Story is okay, but your playstyle just ... super standart. Every predator should have something not standart, original thing. This adds originality to the game. A "standard" predator isn't needed.
And, your aggresive formula... strange way, because you can't just kill everyone who will shoot at you or will try attack you. It's problem.

Forum activity, it is not big reason, but you should be more active in forum and in-game, didn't saw you alot times (1-2). Let marines/pred players know, who are you and how you can RP. It'll help alot.

For end, I'll put -1 because as I said standart predators aren't needed, forum and In-game activity should be better. Good luck and bye.
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Re: B'uruk Pa (Unworthy of Speech)

Post by TheMusician321 » 28 Dec 2017, 11:01

I'm sticking with a neutral, I like you in game and you're a pretty decent player, story is nice, short but pretty gudt and really captures the portrayal of a heavily wounded but still victorious hunter.

I haven't seen you ar pee that much lately though, and your forum activity is lacking, so I'll be sticking to a neutral with leaning towards a -1 as the playstyle is veeeeeery standard, get more creative, more activity and let me see you RP some more and you should be good.
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Re: B'uruk Pa (Unworthy of Speech)

Post by ghostdex » 03 Jan 2018, 01:22

To start off, I liked the backstory it was decently entertaining for a change. The playstyle is basic, but it isn't exactly easy to get a unique playstyle anymore. You have low forum activity which isn't good, however I do recognize who you are in game and out of game. I've had pretty good experiences with you in game as well but due to the low forum activity and the somewhat bland playstyle, I'll be neutral for now.

Changing to +1 as I see the player in game a lot and I trust they will up their forum activity.
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Re: B'uruk Pa (Unworthy of Speech)

Post by Feweh » 11 Jan 2018, 19:00

More feedback required

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Re: B'uruk Pa (Unworthy of Speech)

Post by Enceri » 13 Jan 2018, 18:42

I've known Ghodere for a while now, and I truly do enjoy RPing with him, mainly between our synthetic and medic interactions. His story was short, to the point, enjoyable, and while his forum activity isn't that strong, I see him enough ingame to let that pass over me. I know he lurks a lot, so he knows what is up with the forums.

I'm dropping a +1, good luck Dome.

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