Guide to being a better Hunter - Without Hugger Combat

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Guide to being a better Hunter - Without Hugger Combat

Postby Crab_Spider » 31 Dec 2016, 13:35

There's been some a lot of controversy over hugger decapping, or the use of bringing 2 facehuggers and using them for the stun/removing helmets to decapitate them and reusing the hugger. This is common for people that are afraid of dying, and I understand that, but here are instances of when that very tactic are ridiculous :

[*]A Mature Hunter actively using huggers to earn kills, when that player was getting a lot of stuns with them. They have enough time to run back to the hive, but decide to kill a downed marine.
[*]Sentinel castes resorting to this in general.
[*]A RAVAGER using huggers to decap Marines, rather than cutting off their arms.
[*]Just using them to kill rather than nest.

It's cheap, it's lazy, and regressive. If you're a runner caste (who have the strongest melee unless they're a Crusher) you should have some knowledge of how the human anatomy works, and that's very simple. If you cut the hand off of a human they cannot use that hand. If you cut off a human's leg they cannot walk. If your human has an eye slashed out, they cannot see. If your human has a head cut off, then bury it before another human finds its body Use that logic when you're thinning out the horde, if a Marine loses an arm they can't use what their primary weapon, and will most likely go into pain crit. This leaves that Marine noticeably vulnerable and lead another "hero" to go out and search for Dumbass #1.
To reiterate, cut off the arms and/or legs or blind them.

But why??

Because the chest and head are body areas everyone thinks will be targeted, not everyone thinks of the arms, legs or eyes (which can be protected with regular glasses). When these are disabled, you can't do much other than fight for your final moments of life, and replacing these obviously require surgery. The head and chest are heavily armored to the extent where a 9mm bullet won't do much damage if RNGesus gives you their favor. The Marines have the range advantage over you, and you aren't going to get much done when 2 people can gun your ass down within 4 clicks. Just try and break their limbs and you might survive the encounter.

What do I do if there are more than 2 Marines?

Then don't even try. There was a time when I was an Ancient Hunter *this'll be a long story(Ancient Hunter 61) xenos were reduced to 13 and our Queen was killed. Failed infections were a nightmare to handle, Xur Dergens was running the show, and our 1st Queen was killed. Luckily the CL sent PMCs to go and kill the preds, but this only made matters worse. Eventually, everything came down to this motto: kill or infect 'n nest. Knowing we had no sentinel castes to sacrifice, we chose the former, and this ended up saving our asses in the long run. I targeted the right arm to avoid a lucky Marine gunning my ass, and once I got a pounce I "Darth Vader'd" those fuckers to Kingdom Come! In the end, we boarded a blown up Sulaco and curbstomped the Marines up their bigoted asses in a span of 20 minutes. This is where my badassness shined: I dodged heavy gunfire here and there, pounced a target, and kept slashing them until an arm went on an arc and pounced another target. This was in a Pod that housed 3 Marines, a naked MT, a Researcher, and a PMC with a sub machine gun. I took out 2 Marines with ease and cut off the PMC's arm before I fucked out of there. The Queen, our Elite Spitter, our Crusher, and Carrier were killed a Research Nade, but ultimately we taught those Marines a lesson: he will find you, and we will rape you.

If you're still with me on that shit story, all you need to know is to cut off the limbs. Don't blindly attack people you suspect will be easy targets, everyone will put up a fight, and if you're too cocky, you will lose that fight, playing it too safe, they will get the chance to flee. Buckshot is your enemy, a point blank will knock your health out, and if you're Ancient, then you might as well just kill them quickly. Use constant tackles and slash them down, until a limb flies off, they're dead, or if someone shows up.
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Re: Guide to being a better Hunter - Without Hugger Combat

Postby Recounted » 31 Dec 2016, 13:52

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Re: Guide to being a better Hunter - Without Hugger Combat

Postby LocalizedDownpour » 31 Dec 2016, 14:34

Limb targeting is good because it wastes mire man power to fix as opposed top day cloning and can take a marine out of the fight for next top an hour.

Also limbs like feet and hands are less armored so take that add you will.

Thus works for hit and run tactics weekend you don't have the time to infect but can get in afew slashes.

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