So I'm Bored and Decided to Write

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So I'm Bored and Decided to Write

Post by AmazinglyAmazing » 28 Dec 2017, 02:10

So right now I've been working on (and at times ignoring and forgetting) my main series 'Left Behind' so far that will consist of 4, maybe 5 parts. Meanwhile, I've had other ideas or short stories thought of, and I've decided to start posting em' here and will continue to update it cause, why not? Anyways, please enjoy (or cringe) at my writing while I continue to be lazy and try to work with my internet so I can start playing CM again at some point.

They're Out There [PART 1]
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PFC Paul 'Grunt' Lorenz, SGT Allan 'Pointman' Tibbs, LT (AND XO) Jackson 'Stiggs' Hopper

Apop as Survivor: *fires three shots at CL in CIC*
Me as SO: REEEEEEEEEEE *takes out M4A3 and unloads a whole mag*

I failed to realize he had dropped his gun after 3-4 shots...

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