Viable Alternative M41A Style Weapons?

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Re: Viable Alternative M41A Style Weapons?

Postby Jembo » 21 Apr 2017, 07:49

If you go back though each war you can see the military stream lining weapon usage. Each war offering less and less options for the soldiers to bring into battle. That being said, even now a days they have a ton of different options to choose from at least compared to CM. I'd really like to see weapons like the double barrel shotgun, or the .357 spearhead just to name a few as available options to the marines before going planetside. Also if cargo'd ammo machine spawned at least partially stocked with ammo from weapons you can get from weapon crates, or blackmarket crates. You might see people requesting them more often, or putting in requests for extended clips, or flame ammo. Which doesn't make a huge difference but would give marines more personality in their weapon choices.
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Re: Viable Alternative M41A Style Weapons?

Postby Marcus Jackson » 21 Apr 2017, 21:30

Caryl wrote:You know what we need? The S.H.A.R.P Rifles!

Interesting idea. :creepy:

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