Command Applications Re-Opened

Competent leaders only.
Forum rules
  • Applications that do not follow the application guidelines will be automatically denied, which also invokes the aforementioned wait period before reapplying.
  • Head Staff reserve the right to deny any application if we feel an applicant has had too many bans, negative notes, or other problems to deserve being whitelisted.
  • Give feedback in the form of a +1, Neutral, or -1. Make sure you include your reason for the rating. Just giving single posts with a + or - and no reasoning will result in your post being discarded.
  • Do not shitpost or meme in commander Applications. You will lose your whitelist or ability to be whitelisted.
  • Advertising applications on the forum/discord or begging for +1/-1 will result in bans
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Command Applications Re-Opened

Post by apophis775 » 21 Dec 2017, 03:04

Ensure you read the adjusted rules (above) and the post about command applications. Attention to Detail is key, and failure to provide attention to detail will result in denial.

Anyone can give a + or -, but they must provide reasoning. Just a single post with just a + or -, or without context will result in your post being ignored. Do it too often, and I'll forum warn you.
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