Commander Whitelisting now open

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Commander Whitelisting now open

Postby Rahlzel » 11 Dec 2016, 00:24

After some lengthy deliberation, we've decided that the Commander role is going to become closed and only available to players that are accepted by submitting a whitelist application. The application can only be approved by the community as it requires at least 10 votes and a 60% approval from other players (with an account age > 14 days).

We intend for this to prevent "baldies" - new players - from being in charge of an entire platoon of marines with no previous experience. For obvious reasons, this can and has caused severe problems for players that are required to take orders in-character.

The Executive Officer (XO) role will still be available to anyone and will become the Acting Commander until a CO wakes from cryo-sleep.

Commanders are not currently disabled as of this announcement, but the applications are open to anyone who would like to apply, and we will be disabling Commanders within the next week or two after we work out details in the code. The new rules for the Commander role are shown here and will also go live when the Commander role is finally disabled and whitelisted Commanders become allowed.

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