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Roleplay Guidelines

Postby apophis775 » 01 Jan 2016, 16:37

Colonial Marines is a medium roleplay server with higher/more roleplay being greatly encouraged. "Medium" is loosely defined as being strict but not too strict. In other words, you should consider your character to be a separate entity from you as a player. Your character's actions and feelings in-game should be based solely on your character's experiences and not your own as the player. However, specifics such as Flavor Text, while also very encouraged, are not required. It is also encouraged (but not required as it is on other servers) to use roleplay dialogue before making split decisions such as using lethal force against another character. Finally, you are expected to follow the Roleplay Guidelines, as well as all the rules specific to your chosen job.

Humans (Except Survivors):
  • You are a "reasonable person" - Preventing MP arrests verbally or arguing is OK, interfering is NOT. (Unless you have a VERY good RP reason and "MPs are shitlers" or "He's my best Bro" are not good reasons).
  • RESPECT THE Succession and Chain of Command - If someone above you gives you an order, FOLLOW IT.
  • If you're a Marine - ACT LIKE IT, don't break laws or disobey orders and expect nothing to happen. You can object to "questionable" orders and break laws in RP situations, but you wouldn't be "rioting" just because the RO isn't giving you an attachment.
  • If you die, you lose 5 minutes of "conscious" memory. Meaning, if you were shot and went into knockout/crit instantly (like from an off-screen headshot), you don't remember who shot you, but if your awake/fighting you WILL remember who shot you.
  • Relationships are restricted to friends and girl/boyfriends AT THE MOST. - Marriages between marines is FORBIDDEN. Your still part of the military and you are subject to military rules. The military would NEVER deploy a husband/wife couple on the same ship or unit, let alone the same battalion. Also, don't use your relationship as an excuse to grief or cause problems. You would probably LOUDLY object to your best friend getting arrested, but you wouldn't gun-down the MP or interfere without a VERY good reason. (You wouldn't tackle a cop IRL because he was arresting your friend for being stupid, especially since it's like, 5-20 minutes in jail. Be REASONABLE.)

  • When you die, you are a 100% NEW XENO - However, your "previous" life is part of the hive-mind, so you CAN use/pass on knowledge your previous "life" knew, as the hive "should" know it. (I.E. Dieing to a mine near the Nexus means you can say "There are mines by the nexus, lookout", but you can't say "I WAS THE PREVIOUS QUEEN, I CLAIM QUEEN, OBEY MEH".
  • You are an extension of the will of the queen - If there is a queen, her will MUST be followed. No exceptions. If she orders you to run to your death, start running. If a queen Ahelps about a disobedient alien you MAY get replaced or force ghosted if she wills it.
  • You are a hive-mind, information is shared - Because a hive-mind works on the INSTANT transmission of information between all those connected, you CAN use words like "shuttle" or "hydro" to describe things. It's assumed that because you are a hive-mind, if you say "shuttle" your alien character is actually understanding what your are describing instantly (because, it shares a consciousness with you), but since we can't actually "emulate" this, using English to describe things is OK.

  • You are the survivor of a MASSIVE alien attack on your colony. Unless your job on the colony was security, you should NOT be directly "Hunting down Xeno Scum" if they are not coming after you.
  • You experienced a LOT of trauma when the aliens attacked, survivors ARE allowed to act irrationally and be "stupid" if they RP it well. But expect that marines MAY eventually just beat you senseless and drag you to the ship.
  • Survivors MAY attack the marines if they feel threatened during the marines arrival and first contact. This does not mean you can shoot a marine in the back 5 minutes after your rescued or start fighting marines on the Sulaco.
  • You may ONLY share the information your character knows with the marines (Until the new knowledge system is implemented, you know the basic life-cycle and that the aliens are "in the north").
  • Don't use Netspeak or act silly - Wearing a robot costume or doing something "for the lulz" should be avoided. You're a PROFESSIONAL.
  • Don't be a shit RPer - Avoid doing things unrealistic or unreasonable. For example, if your going to react to someones death, react appropriately (this doesn't mean laugh at a silly death).

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