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New server rules

Postby Rahlzel » 13 Nov 2016, 22:40

As mentioned in the community topic, we've been aware for some time that our rules can be oddly restrictive at times, so we're trying to make a compromise while still maintaining some semblance of order. As such, the rules revamp has just now gone live and is effective immediately.

We will continue to monitor suggestions, problems, and complaints regarding the rules. In most cases, obvious problems such as spelling, grammar, or clarity will be corrected immediately. Suggestions and complaints will be discussed and decided upon.

We hope this will allow players to have fun with the game in their own way as opposed to being forced into a particular set of actions. There are still some rules that may be construed as such, and other rules are going to go away soon once we implement mechanical fixes, but it's a start.

Server rules

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