Post-Launch Prison Station map feedback

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Re: Post-Launch Prison Station map feedback

Post by Vispain » 30 Dec 2017, 23:08

Survivor wise this map is great however the difficulty level just really isn't there for survivors...(can't believe I just said that the difficulty for survivors needs to be higher but its true). I can say that survivors have a really easy time fortifying and surviving.
Another thing. I think the timed lockdown may need some work. It can be tedious and but I believe it is in some form necessary.
Weeds should be able to spread anywhere.
Gameplay wise it is better than Ice for me. I love it and I love the textures on it. Great job.
Finally, perhaps some form of direction source is needed. The area can be labyrinth like at times and overall I think the map may be too long at times. Although that may just be me. Very well done anyways. Playing this map is never boring for me.
Overall 8/10.
Great work on this map. Really just minor stuff that honestly may not even need be changed if touched at all.

EDIT: Lag can spike at times and be pretty bad on this map. Widespread for everyone I'd say. Maybe its just the CQC with lots of people moving around and fighting at once but eh...not sure. Could be something else.

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