That moment when you...

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Re: That moment when you...

Post by BobaFett07 » 16 Oct 2017, 19:12

>log on late
>retard throws soap at me and I keep falling down
>shove him
>he shoves me
>punch him
>he punches me
>grab a modarfuckin' gun and shoot him in the head
>mp sees me
>asks why I shot him
>tell him he threw soap at me
>mp moves along

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Re: That moment when you...

Post by caleeb101 » 17 Oct 2017, 03:34

>just spawn in as a marine
>insta decapped by rogue young runner
>log out
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Re: That moment when you...

Post by MauroVega » 02 Jan 2018, 14:19

-Spawn as marine
-Realises he is stuck inside the wall of a crashed dropship in cryo
-Runner shows up,can't get me
-Spitter shows up,can't get me
-Get's back into cryo
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Re: That moment when you...

Post by jalen earl » 02 Jan 2018, 15:03

> Be MP
> CL is a jerk
>arrest and isolate CL for life insurance fraud and theft
>xenos board, CL goes free
> find CLs head
>pmcs arrive
> grand idea arrives
> gives head to pmcs
> "he wont be a head of a corporation".exe
> hail of gunfire finds my body.....
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Re: That moment when you...

Post by Vispain » 17 Jan 2018, 19:17

> are SL and tell doctor you are re logging due to error but your byond won't open after you exit out

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