Luiz 'Mises' Buarque, Corn lover

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Luiz 'Mises' Buarque, Corn lover

Postby Sad_Corn » 24 Dec 2016, 21:15

Full name:

Luiz 'Mises' Buarque


Mises, Corn lover

Age: 41

Gender: Male


Space Doctor (7 years in service)

Commander (3 years in service)

Combat medic 13 (years in service)

Corn cultivator (20 years in service)

Military/College graduations:

USP (University of São Paulo); Medicine graduation

UFRJ (Federal university of Rio de Janeiro); Nursing graduation

BCMG; Brazilian Combat Medic Graduation

BCMA; Brazilian Capoeira Martial Arts

UHW; Universal Handling of weapons


-Corn lover

-Loyal to USCM and Brazilian marines

-Never uses helmets or head protections

-Buckshot lover


Luiz was born on a small farm, on the Ganymede Moon, a legendary celestial body Known for easy maize cultivation. He spent his childhood basically learning the legendary techniques of his family, who from his small farm, exported the best quality corn from the Milky Way.
After a few years, Weyland-Yutani bought the basically all lots of its moon, so that it could begin to produce corn-based rations.
Luiz, disgusted by the sale, at age 16, decided to migrate to planet Earth, where he settled on Brazilian soil and became one of the largest corn producers in the region.
After accumulating a small fortune, he decided to invest in his study. He sold all his lots, and entered the most renowned universities of his country, arriving to do the medical and nursing faculties at the same time.
He had always been good with numbers, and even without a university degree, he acted as an economist to finance his courses, but was later fired after he evaded dozens of taxes from accounting companies, later became a libertarian and was nicknamed "Mises", a Renowned Austrian economist.
Tired of his monotonous life as a doctor, he decided to join the USCM, where he is in service until this day, acting as Combat medic, surgeon or Commander.

Basic appearance:

A corny man,1.60 meters tall, relatively thin, white, with beautiful blue hair.



-Corn ice-cream

-Corn-based foods







-Slow doctors

-Every single medic


-Corn expert

-Appreciation for patients' lives

-Hand-to-hand expert


-Crippiling depression

-Suicidal tendencies


Notable Characters:

-Noah Kirchner: Nice combat mate, platonic love, saved his life twice

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Re: Luiz 'Mises' Buarque, Corn lover

Postby NoahKirchner » 24 Dec 2016, 21:17

Much corn
Pics n'shit
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Re: Luiz 'Mises' Buarque, Corn lover

Postby TheMusician321 » 03 Jan 2017, 17:29

Needs more waffles.
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Re: Luiz 'Mises' Buarque, Corn lover

Postby puglife » 04 Jan 2017, 14:21

I found it a little
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