File: Machowicz, Murdoch

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File: Machowicz, Murdoch

Postby Martzin » 10 Jan 2017, 23:06

Name: Murdoch Taylor Machowicz
Alias(es): Mack
Sex: M
DOB: 2/24/2117
Age: 32
POB: Luna, New Ithaca
Nationality: Lunar-American
Ethnicity: Polish-Irish
Roles: Military Police, Squad Medic, Specialist, Squad Marine
Operations: Europan Communist Rebellion, Aleutian Islands Campaign, Siege of Zegema, Terra Gnoma Rebellion II, Plague of
Shiri 84, Martian Worker's Rebellion

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Physique: The subject is 6'1(185.42cm) and 160 lbs.(72kg) He has a faint scar going across his right eye from an encounter in jail at 16. Slightly curly black hair, and currently growing heavy stubble. Eyes are colored amber.

Persona: The subject is relatively talkative and occasionally snarky in conversation, as well as oppugnant to others though usually in some comedic form. Lately he has become more reserved.

Machowicz also has a visible grudge against foreigners, specifically Russians. He has been known to taunt fellow Russian soldiers and often calls them Communist spies.

The following are observed relationships with the subject. Excerpts from interviews when asked directly about said relations.(If I've interacted with your character expect to be on this list.)

Linda Clark: Ahh, she's a nice bud to have out in the field. Has gotten me out of a pickle alot of times, and I've helped her out alot too.

Mary Mays: I'd say we recognize each other. Often we go and fight together, watch one another's back. Called me out on how crazy I can get in battle...

Jackson Dee: Nice medic, if I say so myself. One of them mature types, which again is respectable when shit hits the fan which it so often does.

James Dee: Says he married Jackson's sis and took her name instead of the vice versa. Called him a cuck, threatened to shoot me with his SADAR. That's how we met, but in hindsight not a bad guy.

Frankie Day: Honestly, a really good fucking leader. Knows how to handle his shit. I'd trust this guy to be in command any-time.

Garth 'Nurse' Pawolski: Kind of a jack-of-all trades guy, this one is eh? Does engineering and combat.. and used to do leading, but I guess he don't anymore. He's good in just about all of these things, 'specially engineering from what I seen.

Eli Wagner: Kinda think this dude's a bit spontaneous, yeah? But he's not bad at Commanding. Gonna get drinks with 'im one of these days.

Ramon Mckendrick: Oh, this guy's fucking mental... The subject laughs unsettlingly.

Ysabel Buttersworth: Haha, I work with this guy alot. Snatch up all the crazies that try 'n kill themselves in jail and he does his chemo therapy or whatever the fuck... and that kind of disturbs me, but s'long as I aint on the receiving end I'm fine.
The dude who plays Murdoch 'Mack' Machowicz.
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Re: File: Machowicz, Murdoch

Postby Carmac » 10 Jan 2017, 23:11

Always good to see cool backstories for the men and women around me, I always love reading the ones that include operations they've been on before getting to the Sulaco, provides good context for the character type.
Garth Pawolski, usually helpful. Reliable medic, combat engineer and rather annoying SL. Not as good at MP.

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