Taegan MacCarthy's psychological file M-231

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Taegan MacCarthy's psychological file M-231

Post by Carnolus » 29 Aug 2017, 20:24

Picture taken moments after passing basic training, and being assigned to the U.S.S. Alamayer
Name:Taegan MacCarthy

Nickname: Mouth

Age: 27

Birthdate: July 22nd, 2159

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California

Height: 5 foot 10 inches

Weight: 215 pounds

Hair: Black, scruffy

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Eye color: Green

Tattoos/Scars: a small smiley face tattoo on the upper right arm.

Father: Jack MacCarthy

Mother: Susan MacCarthy (deceased)

Siblings: Rebecca Lazlow (married to Jim Lazlow), James MacCarthy (deceased)

Notable personality traits: loyal, very talkative, slightly insulting, bold, reckless at times, stubborn, cares for others, protective.

Career traits: Has been noted to insult command staff behind their back, but almost always respects their leadership.

Psychological status: multiple psychologists state that Private First Class Taegan MacCarthy (or Corporal Taegan MacCarthy if I'm rocking medic) has few leadership qualities and little to no formal skills required by commissioned officers.

Previous history: Taegan grew up in a small, middle class family, growing up with enough money to get by, but not an excess for a lot of fun goodiees! Nevertheless, his parents, Jack MacCarthy and Susan MacCarthy both worked hard for the three children they had, James, Rebecca, and Taegan. Taegan was the oldest of the 3, with his sister being only a year behind him, and his brother 5 years behind. Around the time Taegan turned 16, his parents divorced, and the mother took care of all 3 of them. A year went by in the low class living they had to resort to, when James, 11 years old, slipped and fell off a bridge, killing him on impact. Not even 5 months after that, Taegan's mother Susan drank enough alcohol to put her into a coma, which eventually killed her due to excessive brain damage. Such tragedies taking place in close succession, Taegan struggles to manage emotional trauma and feelings in general, leading to failed relationships as well as a failed marriage. He worked in a simple cafe until 24, and joined the USCM to escape the low class life he was in. He was mediocre at best in boot camp, but he passed. He has been on his first term for 4 years.

Medic - After his 3rd year in service, Taegan was offered to take a 25 hour medical course that would show him various roles as medic. He eagerly accpeted, got promoted and finished the class in a week after.
Smartgunner - After his 1st year in service, Taegan showed aptitude for suppressive fire and situational awareness, offering him the smartgunner position was an easy decision made by the squad leader.
Squad leader - Throughout his 4 year service, Taegan has gradually gained skills in leadership, heroic feats, tactical analysis and other helpful military skills. He has been gradually promoted up until he became squad leader 6 months ago.

Relations spoken about in sessions recorded by Dr. Jack Romero
Kyle "Ajax" Crane -
A good guy! He works hard and deserves a raise. Kills mofos with ease man, this kid is fun to talk to!

Alicia Parker -
Man, she's funny and pretty, but stern. Like almost talking to an ice wall, I don't think she likes my compliments, but whatever. Saved my ass so many times I've lost count!

Alexander Hawking -
A badass with a purpose, almost like he's built for this life. Worked with him through some tough ops and he's never been phased!

Reece Begum -
Seems like a cool dude! We don't talk much, but he's fun to be around

Dame -
I've called him Dame for so long I can't even remember his name. He's pretty fresh outta basic, and he's hella young. But a good guy! He definitely learned some stuff through training, knows what's up and what's down.

Uriel "Whitey" Turner -
love the guy! He's funny and does a good job! I'd totally have a beer with him and chill. I would with anyone, really, but this guy would make it fun!

Alisa Reis -
A great kraut, fun to work with and the accent makes me giggle from time to time! Saved my ass a few times.

Desmond Stroud -
Solid dude! Mean with that smartgun of his, but he plays hero enough to earn respect points, in my book!

Frankie Day -
Man, this guy is fun! He get's my humor and always get's me to laugh, even when under stress. He's saved my ass plenty and I think we'd have a good time getting plastered!

Dale Rainer -
Solid marine! Always offers me a cigarette and I definitely owe him a few beers for that!

Fenrir "K-Nine" Anrot -
A good man to the bone. He saves his friends and his squadmates, and he has saved my ass plenty. Funny to joke with too! Did you know this guy has a daughter? One of the few marines that actually chats about home life, and I value that!

Barnabus Jones -
Solid bro, solid marine, man! This guy might not be a joker, but he kills like a monster, and he has covered my ass plenty, earned his reputation, I say! Good man, for sure!

Mark "Echo" Kesserline -
This guy! He always gives me the good gear, and whenever I need him he's around. The tacticoolest mofo on the Almayer that's for sure! Respect!

Luna "Firecracker" Thyatos -
This lady is a real trooper! She's both yelled at me and saved me, and I consistently try to have her back cause she deserves it, man! Firecracker fits, I see her yelling and screaming all the damn time, get's kinda funny to watch, but don't tell her that, yea?

Samantha Clark -
She nags me like my mom, but I know she means well. One day I won't be on her shitlist. One day.

Cassius Klaus -
A real trooper! He kicks major ass and while he isn't a big talker, he does his job well and I dig it!

Mack Lewis -
gives me a hard time, but I know he's actually jealous of how cool I am. Right?

Sigurd Andreassen -
He mocks me once and a while, but he can be fun to talk to. Has loads of stories and he helps kill the time when I have to deal with pricks.

Zoey "Princess" Mingle -
She has good days and bad days, man. One day she's a big prick to me, always killing my mood and shit. On the flip side, sometimes she actually plays along with my shenanigans!

Joshua Howland -
Man seems like a hardass. Kickass soldier though. Even if he's a prick.

Bill Carson -
Heh. Uh. He's a bit full of himself, man. Like, way more than is acceptable. He gets his job done and has earned his commendations sure, but he isn't my kind of guy, I guess. I've seen him shoot, and let's say he should get back into the swing of things, in that department..

If you guys want mention let me know, I'll update this fairly regularly!
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Re: Taegan MacCarthy's psychological file M-231

Post by Bigfoun » 24 Oct 2017, 03:39

Aye, looks good man
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Re: Taegan MacCarthy's psychological file M-231

Post by WinterClould » 24 Oct 2017, 08:42

Looks neato!
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Re: Taegan MacCarthy's psychological file M-231

Post by CCONX » 24 Oct 2017, 19:45

Ya can always count on good ol' Tae to cover your ass, thats for sure :P
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Re: Taegan MacCarthy's psychological file M-231

Post by Carnolus » 17 Dec 2017, 19:46

Tossed in more names! Changed some personality stuff to actually fit what Taegan does and how he acts.

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Re: Taegan MacCarthy's psychological file M-231

Post by Kesserline » 19 Dec 2017, 07:43

That photo though..

I clearly need to give you more HPRs.

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Re: Taegan MacCarthy's psychological file M-231

Post by DeusMortis » 19 Dec 2017, 10:14

Oh hell yeah. Always a treat to see you on the battlefield.
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Re: Taegan MacCarthy's psychological file M-231

Post by Caryl » 19 Dec 2017, 19:48

I see you on the battlefield, but never really got to know you better. This should help.

P.S., I mostly see you dead or decapped on the battlefield though.
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Re: Taegan MacCarthy's psychological file M-231

Post by Carnolus » 21 Dec 2017, 12:36

Kesserline wrote:
19 Dec 2017, 07:43
That photo though..

I clearly need to give you more HPRs.
Yea, I found the picture with the guy wearing nothing but having a bear pelt draped over him, and I was like "Yep. That's it."

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Re: Taegan MacCarthy's psychological file M-231

Post by Jakkkk » 22 Dec 2017, 20:02

Love you and your character, nice to have a dossier for Mouth.

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Re: Taegan MacCarthy's psychological file M-231

Post by contactdenied » 22 Dec 2017, 21:05

I like your character, great dossier!
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