USCM Dossiers-Daniel Recker

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USCM Dossiers-Daniel Recker

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>USCM Dossiers Profile
Created On October 10, 2180
Updated: N/A

Name: Daniel Recker
D.O.B: September 12, 2160
Age: 20 - Human
Home System: Sol
Religion: None
Service Record: 2 Years of servicing on the "Almayer"
Rank: Corporal
Role: Squad Engineer
Blood Type: AB+
Corporate Relation: Loyal
Preferred Squad: Alpha
Recruited from Utah, Millcreak. Highly skilled technician,
Experienced with firearms. Performs well under pressure.
Have 2 tours out of Almayer. Handles emergency situations
with more calm and effectiveness. Was promoted from
Private to Corporal in 2 years. Recommend for first
responder squad.
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