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Guide to Escape Pods

Posted: 01 May 2017, 04:53
by Steelpoint
Escape Pods serve as a method to allow Humans to evacuate from the USS Almayer and survive even in a worst case scenario. Unfortunately it seems the mechanics surrounding Escape Pods are partially a mystery to many people, as such I hope this guide clears some of the smoke up.



The Escape Pod is a three man ONLY space vehicle, the USS Almayer contains eleven (11) escape pods, eight on the upper deck, three on the lower deck. I've highlighted their locations on the map here:

In order to activate the Escape Pods, a set procedure must be followed.

  1. The Almayer must be first rasied to Red Alert status.
  2. The Distress Beacon must be launched, it does not matter if the Distress beacon is answered or not.
  3. Someone with access to the Communications Console can then initiate evacuation procedure.

Once the evacuation procedure is activated, a three (3) minute timer will start. At this point all escape pod doors (yellow) will unlock and allow anyone entry inside.


Each Escape Pod contains three cyro sleeper cells and a wall mounted console.

The cyro cells serve as where players can enter and ghost, placing yourself into a cyro cell will near instantly put you to sleep (akin to a medical cyro cell) and you cannot get out of a cell unless someone (or something) pulls you out.

The console has two functions.
  • MANUAL LAUNCH: This button will immediately order the pod to launch, which will instantly close the inner pod doors. This function will only be available when the three minute refueling time for the evac pods is expired.
  • Delay Launch: This button will order the pod to not launch at all until told otherwise. Clicking this button can force a escape pod to not launch and it will never launch until a MANUAL LAUNCH is initiated.

WARNING: The escape pod can only ever hold THREE (3) people, if more than three people are onboard when the pod attempts to launch, the pod will self destruct as a precaution.

After three (3) minutes expire, all Escape Pods will begin to automatically launch (sans those that have been ordered to 'Delay Launch'). This occurs at a random interval and usually one or two at a time, and it can take up to two extra minutes for all remaining escape pods to launch.

If your pod is on delayed launch, you must undelay the pod before you can then manually launch it. Do this by clicking 'Delay Launch', then clicking 'Manual Launch'.


Minor Tips

If your Escape Pod is full, or you think you're under threat of being overrun by a hostile, don't wait. Launch the pod ASAP and escape. Too many times I've seen three people just hide in the cyro cells only for a Young Drone to walk up, pull everyone out of the cell, and slowly slash them all to death.

Secondly, if evac is called. Go around to all the escape pods and delay their launch. This can allow other Humans a chance to reach the escape pods at a later date.

Re: Guide to Escape Pods

Posted: 01 May 2017, 18:22
by Jroinc1
Additional tip-

Under certain circumstances, the pods can launch within ~30 seconds of evac being called (impulsive command).
Upon evac being called, if you are near the pods, IMMEDIATELY RUN IN AND DELAY AS MANY AS YOU CAN. This does not break the pod, and allows them to be used at a later time.

That way, less evacs with 5 people in them.

Re: Guide to Escape Pods

Posted: 16 May 2017, 18:45
by Jroinc1
As ANOTHER aside, dead bodies, xenos, and DEAD XENOS count toward the 3-man limit.

Re: Guide to Escape Pods

Posted: 17 May 2017, 13:29
by notasyndie
I do not think someone can pull you out, tried doing it to CL one time and it would not budge

Re: Guide to Escape Pods

Posted: 19 May 2017, 01:09
by Sneakyr
Do escape pods still launch if someone's not in one of the sleepers? I was never clear on this.

Re: Guide to Escape Pods

Posted: 19 May 2017, 02:42
by Steelpoint
It does not matter if you're in or outside of the cyro sleeper.

Re: Guide to Escape Pods

Posted: 19 May 2017, 06:03
by Jroinc1
Additional info- ANY xeno, LIVE or DEAD, will cause the pod to explode, even if less than 3 total people inside.

Re: Guide to Escape Pods

Posted: 19 May 2017, 16:37
by xeno366
tip if you chest burst inside one sleeper inside the escape pod you will still be alive but as soon as you step out you will die.