• MartzinToday, 17:25
    kidcat0007 wrote: Apophis is on my appeal im so f nervous!!!
    Trial by fire. Let's see how this turns out.
  • kidcat0007Today, 17:28
    I dont know if i should be scared or happy...
  • MartzinToday, 17:29
    @kidcat0007 Lol i saw on your appeal that youre Kit Clover, im not surprised youve gotten banned.
  • kidcat0007Today, 17:30
    ....ive changed
  • kidcat0007Today, 17:30
    Im gonna go before i mess things up
  • getfreurToday, 17:30
    Man...I feel sorry for you, but you collect what you plant.
  • MartzinToday, 17:31
    You reap what you sow.
  • kidcat0007Today, 17:44
    Noooo he left :(
  • HeckenshutzeToday, 17:48
    likes this message
    TehSpoderman wrote: Spanish hombres are best bois fuck american bois they stinky
  • HeckenshutzeToday, 17:48
    Don't worry kit you'll get the probation just behave, be a role model
  • TehSpodermanToday, 17:49
    @Martzin dont be an asshole
  • kidcat0007Today, 17:53
    @Heckenshutze okay I'll try, I know that permaban appeals are Apophis's lowest priority I was just getting my hopes up
  • liltiptopToday, 18:07
  • MartzinToday, 18:34
    @TehSpoderman Not being an asshole at all. Just saying its not unexpected to me.
  • chaplain19 minutes ago
    For some reason I'm not able to read the donation forum. Nice.
  • Cobraman20218 minutes ago
    No one is
  • Rustarus6 minutes ago
    Oh god.
  • Navi81 minute ago
    Hey uh, How do i use my radio in this?
  • Navi8just now
    Whenever i try to examine the radio it just says it cannot be tampered with

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