• ArbsToday, 04:54
    Yeah mortars are nice support weapons
  • MattAtlasToday, 05:29
    Mortars are good support if they're used correctly
  • taketheshot56Today, 06:25
    A mortar round killed 10 marines instantly, It is very powerful, but only when used right!!!
  • maskoffToday, 06:32
    Mortars are great for FFing large groups of marines at once lol
  • Amitt0Today, 06:56
    Anyone tried the new spec loadout? how is it?
  • GoliathTheDespoilerToday, 07:06
    Mortars are the pinnacle of FF
  • kidcat0007Today, 07:07
    do mortars work like OB's?
  • kidcat0007Today, 07:08
    Wow why is CM's pop so low? its like at 63
  • Amitt0Today, 07:09
    Its 7 AM in my time zone. that might be something
  • kidcat0007Today, 07:11
    Maybe, just I haven't seen it that low in a while
  • GoliathTheDespoilerToday, 07:17
    This used to be highpop long ago
  • kidcat0007Today, 07:25
  • simonset55Today, 07:47
    People are at school right now
  • HKO2006Today, 07:52
    Most players are from US and time in usa is now 7:51 AM
  • simonset55Today, 07:53
    So they're waking up and going to school
  • XSlayer300Today, 08:06
    What is Anglo in the CM Lore?
  • spookydonutToday, 08:27
    XSlayer300 wrote: What is Anglo in the CM Lore?
  • Crab_SpiderToday, 08:42
    [s]I'm seeing a lot more idio- cough should've gone in some other direction with that update
  • XSlayer30037 minutes ago
    ...Do I look like a girl on my profile picture?
  • Weaselburg25 minutes ago
    So yesterday, they introduced the mortar. On the first Ice Colong round with the mortar, does anyone here know who got medals? I know I might have been recommended, so I just want to know what happened with that.

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