• GibbyPoizon38 minutes ago
    Also the chemical that could make it spray further (a lighter gas maybe idfk) could burn green
  • edgardo38 minutes ago
    TehSpoderman wrote: Wee
    this one i mean, sorry phil
  • Philby037 minutes ago
    @edgardo Lucky you were fast I was about to roast the fuck outta ya
  • kidcat000737 minutes ago
    Im asking to many questions im gonna stop and just be quite for a bit
  • Philby036 minutes ago
    @kidcat0007 Just google "how to green fire"
  • edgardo36 minutes ago
    Philby0 wrote: @edgardo Lucky you were fast I was about to roast the fuck outta ya
  • Philby034 minutes ago
    Mchat is too good for me
  • Martzin25 minutes ago
    A cuck is someone who willingly lets others have sex with their significant other, not someone who gets cheated on. Thats someone in an un-faithful relationship.
  • GibbyPoizon21 minutes ago
  • Philby020 minutes ago
  • Martzin19 minutes ago
    Its a fetish too, you know.
  • Philby018 minutes ago
    Yes but words have meanings. Of course the cuckold fetish implies he knows it.
  • Gallus16 minutes ago
  • Gallus16 minutes ago
    Can you talk about current rounds in here?
  • Philby015 minutes ago
    You can't talk about current rounds anywhere.
  • GibbyPoizon15 minutes ago
  • Philby015 minutes ago
    But if it's a general thing it's good, just nothing round specific
  • kidcat000714 minutes ago
    Good night nerds :)
  • crono2313 minutes ago
    Not even to my Nigerian friend who doesn't play video games and can barely understand me anyway?
  • spookydonut13 minutes ago
    Stop talking about cucks and fetishes, keep it kid friendly.

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