• Skimmy2Today, 01:13
    Punching larva does like, 1 point of damage. i wish you could grab intent and strangle the things.
  • Nightwolf901Today, 01:46
    Strangling a Xeno is my dream
  • Gerald888Today, 01:58
    Once you strangle a larva that is player controlled it just explodes into salt
  • Cash7800Today, 02:36
    posted a new topic: Ban Appeal in Appeals
  • AverageSpitterToday, 02:46
    posted a new topic: Alien funny/epic/sad stories. in The Hive
  • simonset55Today, 02:55
    These creatures... they have salt blood
  • Gerald888Today, 04:08
  • rjrazon90Today, 06:44
    posted a new topic: Survivor question in General Discussion
  • HeckenshutzeToday, 06:54
    Nightwolf901 wrote: Strangling a Xeno is my dream
    preds could strangle xenos to sleep
  • Rataca100Today, 07:52
    Heckenshutze wrote: preds could strangle xenos to sleep
    Do Xenos even have a windpipe to strangle?
  • RioToday, 08:05
    Rataca100 wrote: Do Xenos even have a windpipe to strangle?
    Xenos don't need to breath. They're bio fuel is their blood. This is why they can survive in space.
  • simonset55Today, 08:07
    Do they even have blood circulation
  • kidcat0007Today, 08:07
  • simonset55Today, 08:13
    Then if you strangle hard enough you can kill them, if you hold them for long enough
  • xywenx00Today, 08:18
  • HeckenshutzeToday, 08:18
    Don't know if you can still, but I used to strangle runners into a perma sleep state
  • Rataca100Today, 09:15
    The biology in this makes me extreamly triggered.
  • Bronimin30 minutes ago
    If you try to grab a xeno then you are automatically tackled, same with disarm iirc
  • Sulaboy5 minutes ago
    Insects don't really have lungs, I'm pretty sure that their blood is the main part of their respiratory system

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