• RecountedYesterday, 23:34
    posted a new topic: Fresh out of the ro line in Art & Stories
  • dameonxYesterday, 23:35
    Forget that I gotta smoke through the pain
  • RecountedYesterday, 23:35
    Check em
  • Gerald888Today, 01:21
    Oooo a pred app
  • DolthToday, 02:32
    Wondering if I could apply or not.
  • DriedMilkToday, 02:33
  • Gerald888Today, 02:33
    Do it
  • DolthToday, 02:37
    Yeah no last time I did it ended in an arguing (just like 80% of my contacts with the staff)
  • ArbsToday, 02:46
    Hi dolth!
  • Gerald888Today, 02:58
    Take your time then post one
  • Gerald888Today, 02:58
    Read the good and bad apps
  • DolthToday, 02:58
    @Arbs Heya loverboi. Doing good? I posted a pic of me on the thread :)
  • DolthToday, 03:05
    Oh and Gerald I have done that but apparently I "don't understand how pred code works" neither how rules applies to preds.
  • ArbsToday, 03:05
    Oh lol, le baguette with a viking helmet. How niice.
  • DolthToday, 03:22
    If anyone reminds me, on the 4th CM anniversary I am throwing a real pic with handsome me.
  • simonset55Today, 03:31
  • IrishCow59 minutes ago
    10/10 would convince the CO to BE the XO again
  • Avalanchee53 minutes ago
    @Dolth D'oh Gar the blooded predator, calls his prey "serpent dick garage" and hunts without mercy
  • Dolth8 minutes ago
    Lmaaaaaaaaaooooooo so hard hahaha

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