• WeaselburgToday, 16:04
    I have not been able to play for a while, but I am John Weaselburg.
  • Philby0Today, 16:04
    Kronstadt will rise again
  • Wubs4ScrubsToday, 16:08
    Weaselburg wrote: Wait does this mean I am known (at least on the forums) now?
    whomst the fuck
  • WeaselburgToday, 16:08
    Wubs4Scrubs wrote: whomst the fuck
    Are you
  • TichysToday, 16:10
    Weaselburg wrote: Are you
    you are de sphess emprah
  • Weaselburg59 minutes ago
    Tichys wrote: you are de sphess emprah
  • Tichys58 minutes ago
    Sphess muhreeens
  • Weaselburg57 minutes ago
  • EstangaJr083057 minutes ago
  • Zalgo57 minutes ago
    Metul Bawkses
  • Avalanchee54 minutes ago
    Farwa kill list? Is that a joke?
  • KaiserBlackwood52 minutes ago
    How to make spoiler tab in a post?
  • Imperator_Titan44 minutes ago
  • Avalanchee40 minutes ago
    Hey Titan, the guy i discovered yesterday got a perma?
  • Avalanchee31 minutes ago
    Damn, multikeying is bad.
  • EstangaJr083027 minutes ago
    I for one would know, but I am currently trying to appeal my multikeying ban. It was from almost two years ago.
  • Avalanchee19 minutes ago
    I still dont get why people multikey, i know that if are marine main and you die at the start of a 5h round on Ice it can get boring, but is it really worth the ban?
  • Renomaki11 minutes ago
    SOme people have nothing better to do I guess..
  • Weaselburg6 minutes ago
    What is the letter for the command channel again?
  • Avalanchee5 minutes ago

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