• Amitt0Today, 16:50
    An event schedule would be great. i misswd the last HvsH last week and those are my fave.
  • WeaselburgToday, 16:51
    Wait, I saw ONE tribe round and no SCP rounds.
  • WeaselburgToday, 16:51
    And maybe one or two human rounds, and one with fire-breathing ravengers.
  • IrishCow49 minutes ago
    The Thing round on Ice Colony would be awesome
  • Weaselburg48 minutes ago
    But muhreens like to stay together
  • Weaselburg48 minutes ago
    Wait, I just thought it out.
  • IrishCow43 minutes ago
    The distrust between marines would be hilarious
  • Amitt036 minutes ago
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    IrishCow wrote: The distrust between marines would be hilarious
  • x31stOverlord35 minutes ago
    As if marines need a reason to "Friendly Fire"
  • IrishCow35 minutes ago
    I'm thinking that the changeling would need to be slightly modified
  • Amitt030 minutes ago
    Are the devs working on new maps at all? its been about a year since big red came out,yes?
  • IrishCow29 minutes ago
    Probably just fine tuning the ones out right now.
  • Amitt024 minutes ago
    New map wpuld be cool. i imagine the staff dont have much spare time between managing us plebs and real life.
  • Nickvr62816 minutes ago
    New map to replace ICE
  • Nickvr62816 minutes ago
    Crashed sulluco map?
  • MrMafioso15 minutes ago
    Someone wants a SCP round, lol good joke
  • x31stOverlord15 minutes ago
  • MrMafioso14 minutes ago
  • MrMafioso13 minutes ago
    Yeah why get rid of ICe when we can just have a new map all together, or I dunno' bring back old ICE because it was even NICER
  • Martzin8 minutes ago
    Honest to god i think SCP is a fun game-mode

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