• apophis775Today, 02:13
    He knew I was on the gun and he was sitting in a chair RIGHT in front of the cannon.
  • DriedMilkToday, 02:14
    We do not care. I want to blast Sabaton while riding a tank. Can't wait for aesthetic tank crew uniform sprites.
  • JennerHToday, 02:15
    Give us at least combat segways
  • Wubs4ScrubsToday, 02:16
    I can't wait to be a tank main
  • Wubs4ScrubsToday, 02:18
    You aren't going in detail right now right apop? It's just hard to contain update excitement
  • SambaluToday, 02:18
    It's amazing how far CM has come since I started playing during pre-alpha. We ought to take this time to remember the best caste, the corroder
  • IrishCowToday, 02:20
    Into The motherland the German army marched!
  • KarmacToday, 02:21
    Apop nothings really a record breaking amount of FF when you're the one that caused it
  • Wubs4ScrubsToday, 02:22
    I'm curious to see whether there's going to be some research updates, the devs have been purging them from gitlab a few days ago
  • apophis775Today, 02:23
    We've been purging a lot of stuff from the gitlab lately.
  • James5734Today, 02:23
    I sure hope so
  • apophis775Today, 02:23
    We cleared a lot of stuff to be removed as "never being done"
  • taketheshot56Today, 02:24
    Apop will we get aniversary presents?
  • Wubs4ScrubsToday, 02:25
    Ah alright, I just noticed a lot of the notifications I got in my email were about the research threads I was voting on
  • KarmacToday, 02:25
    Haha, research, what a good joke
  • DriedMilkToday, 02:26
    Our anniversary present where Xeno nerfs. Tank will be released in the next eon.
  • Wubs4ScrubsToday, 02:28
    I remember back when research was all about producing hellfire poly-acid smoke grenades
  • Redikal VToday, 02:31
    >limited nuke bombs
  • ShyguychizzyToday, 03:24
    Good gift, they finally got rid of xenos for good. Only kept Facehuggers...AI Huggers. No queens or any xenos around except for huggers. Players may be a hugger
  • ThePiachuToday, 04:03

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