• TorrentiaToday, 15:56
    No IC in OOC.
  • RobBrown4PMToday, 16:00
    Iccy in my Occy
  • PolariToday, 16:41
    That's how you get banned bro
  • WeaselburgToday, 17:26
  • Simo94Today, 17:29
    Here we go again......
  • AnoonkiToday, 17:30
  • TehSpoderman54 minutes ago
    Wew i started something
  • Weaselburg41 minutes ago
    This was the memiest round ever and I love it
  • NethIafins35 minutes ago
    Ignore the shit storm. You don't need to spend you sanity on that
  • DriedMilk16 minutes ago
    I need an adult for this discussion.
  • Sambalu16 minutes ago
    What the fuck is going on?
  • x31stOverlord14 minutes ago
    Nothing, this isnt the conversation you are looking for. Move along
  • Simo9414 minutes ago
    Everything is perfectly fine
  • Simo9413 minutes ago
    Just some FF here and there u know the drill
  • Philby013 minutes ago
    Event shitstorms are the worst
  • Simo9412 minutes ago
    @Philby0 u sweet summer child
  • x31stOverlord12 minutes ago
    This has been a glorious round
  • kidcat000710 minutes ago
    Not trying to sounds ungrateful or greedy but will there be an Infection round tn?
  • x31stOverlord10 minutes ago
    I wouldnt bank on it Kid. Depends on how the Mins feel I guess. And how hard it'd be to manage
  • Simo9410 minutes ago
    Look at this greedy capitalist man

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