• simonset55Today, 04:39
    Server broke when it changed maps
  • BillyBoBBizWorthToday, 04:40
    Ouch, a broken LV
  • ThatKazakhDudeToday, 04:47
    Is server still broken ?
  • LumdorToday, 04:50
  • NGGJamieToday, 04:50
    It's still crashed out.
  • taketheshot5651 minutes ago
    Did Ordukai hit the SD button again smh
  • Avalanchee36 minutes ago
    Was BMC Drunk again?
  • HellFire30 minutes ago
    Can i ask why the server is down?
  • Lumdor28 minutes ago
    Server dameon died.
  • Avalanchee28 minutes ago
    We gotta revive our boy Dameon
  • HellFire27 minutes ago
    The boys probably doing their GDPR thing
  • dameonx27 minutes ago
    Uh oh -_-
  • HellFire26 minutes ago
    By the way Who's gotten nerd gasm by the steams GDPR update.
  • dameonx24 minutes ago
    What's different about it? i havent been paying attention the GPDR thing
  • HellFire23 minutes ago
    Im talking about the Steam Thing. Basicly you can cheack like 50 bilion options and alot of cool stuff they collected about you from 2 years ago , hell even back to 2012.
  • Kelborn20 minutes ago
    Is the server down?
  • HellFire20 minutes ago
    Yes Byond it self is down
  • Kelborn19 minutes ago
  • HellFire19 minutes ago
    Yes. Eiter they are working on GDPR or they just realy fucked up something
  • Fcanau3 minutes ago
    Byond isn't down

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