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Thank you

Post by Steve_Rhino » 17 Nov 2017, 16:04

From being on the staff for a short amount of time, I've had a slight look behind the scenes at what goes on and how hard some people work at this.

So I was gonna create a thank you post. Whether stopping griefers from wrecking, to keeping the game balanced, to hosting the server, and creating events.

Thank you for it all, whether hosting it, wiki work to help people out, coding it, or mapping it, dealing with ic and ooc issues, the discord itself and dealing with things when they come up.

Also thank you to the players. Whether I'm standing side by side with you stopping xenos coming in the barricades, or being the xenos that kill me and make me salty. Every instance of it makes me enjoy the game more and more, whether fun round or salty.

Overall, thanks for making CM awesome. Looking forward to playing with y'all more, and helping out with questions whenever they pop up c:

- end of soppy thank you from a happy fan

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Re: Thank you

Post by False_Enigma » 27 Dec 2017, 22:30

Especially those who create events, even the minor ones. Holy bejebus does a lot of work go into something that might only get used a couple times.

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