Can't fax photos added to a paper

fix pls
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Can't fax photos added to a paper

Post by xywenx00 » 12 Aug 2017, 20:25

Bug Description:
You can't fax WY photos that you have added to a paper (didn't work for me, I had alot of photos added though) I believe you're also unable to send a paper if a second one is attached.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Gain access to a fax
2. Add photo or another paper to a paper
3.Try to fax paper (to WY)
4. Unable to send paper.

// That bug happened one changelog update ago, so I'm not sure if it's still there, but I tried it not too long ago.
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Re: Can't fax photos added to a paper

Post by Tidomann » 13 Aug 2017, 10:01

+1 to this, I had to leave my photos by the fax and hope that people view them.