LV-624 Engineering not providing power

fix pls
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LV-624 Engineering not providing power

Post by Zokkie » 07 Sep 2017, 20:10

Bug Description:
Unable to get proper power distribution from the power storage units in engineering on LV-624.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Fix all G-11 geothermal generators and turn them on.
2. Fix both APC’s in engineering (if they are broken/cut) to make sure all APC’s are working properly
3. Configure the three power storage units to receive maximum input and set output to 200,000W
4. power storage units are now charging as expected.
5. Wait for power storage units to properly output power to the APCs but find out they don’t.

The APC’s charge for a little while and then they stop charging. This goes on for a loop which means the APC’s never properly recharge so I can turn on the floodlights. I couldn’t get it to work two rounds straight and I saw the next round other engineers struggling with the same problem. Would appreciate it if other engineer players can see if they can replicate the same problem after I posted this or perhaps offer some insight as to why this is happening.