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Re: Wiki Updates and Additions.

Post by apophis775 » 15 May 2018, 14:18

Here are the changes I would make.
Word changes
These should in theory not make a major in how things are handled and in my opinion make marine law more clear on stuff that should be 100% clear.
The first note below marine law.
1. Change Diplomatic immune to absolute immune or something similar and add the provost marshal to it. Imo both should be immune if you are diplomaticly immune you technicly still have to cooperate with law enforcement to a certain extent.
2. Remove the for emergency matters from it as you do not want the argument ever is the situation was an emergency imo they should always be excempt from marine law as it is admin intervention.'
3. In the brig procedures on step 2 change the mp armory to the evidence room. Both should be secure and the cmp cannot open the armory so it is quite a hassle to put weapons in the armory. And the evidence room is fine imo.
4. On the prisoner rights access to radio change the their headset into a headset. Because brig procedure says you have to give them a standard headset this is a conflict as you here state they get their specific headset. One of them has to be true.
5. In the appeals section change the .... concludes that the suspect is not guilty of a law violation. To .... concludes that the suspect is not guilty of all law violations. One of the 5 charges not being true does not mean you should be released obviously.
6. At the Command requested arrests change it into If the marine is proven innocent of all crimes in the end, the requesting officer may be held liable for a False Arrest charge. If I get an order to arrest you because you did 5 things and you only did 4 that officer still made the right call.
1. The Provost Marshall falls under officials from high command, but this was clarified
2. Adjusted
3. Changed
4. Fixed
5. Reworded
6. Adjusted

I will go through the other parts later when I have more time.
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Re: Wiki Updates and Additions.

Post by apophis775 » 16 May 2018, 20:36

Actual law changes
These are changes to the laws themselves. These might be more opinionated but I still feel as if some of them are quite obvious changes.
1. Change the unsecure equipment. Mention it has to be confiscated and the owner warned. But make sure to describe what confiscation entails.
2. Change the theft description. Currently it is: To retain possession of items belonging to another marine. I would change the item intoBecause it can still be theft if it is not an item. (Jonesy, corpses and powerloaders can be stolen aswell.) And I would change the marine part as well civilians or the usmc can also be stolen from. That would make the law something along the lines of. To retain possession of possession belonging to another entity.
3. Drug use. Add everything listed under drug distribution/combat stimulants. Specificly those under drug distribution as drug distribution does not pertain to using those and combat stimulants could be applied to use them.
4. Make it clear that not following proper procedure is neglect of duty. (If it is not covered by another law already.) This is something people always seem to disagree with but not following proper procedure for your job is neglect of duty.
5. I would combine manslaughter and murder. The only difference is malicious intent and this is almost not possible to prove or dissaprove.
1. Adjusted
2. Reworded to be more clear.
3. Adjusted/reworded a bit
4. Added
5. Adjusted to make it more clear. Manslaughter is supposed to be used if someone accidentally kills someone (For example, accidentally killing them in combat, or in a fight). Murder is if the intent to kill was there. Up to MPs to determine if they want to lower the charge.

Procedural changes
These might be way more opinionated and perhaps a bit because of what I have seen as mp.
1. Add a procedure for confiscation. I will give an example below.
2. To make appeals more viable I would suggest adding making step one of the brig procedure: Inform the prisoner of the charge and the punishment/time given per charge and set the timer. Once the timer has been said you cannot increase the time without adding new charges.

3. I would also add a step 9 here. If a prisoner has been ssd since their arrest until the end of their sentence redress them and cryo them with their items.
4. Just a bit of flavor but on the actual appeals section at the prisoner rights the right to appeal in a timely manner I would add. If the cmp was the arresting officer the acting commander can/should try to be present for the appeal. Just to make the appeal appear to be more fair if you have to appeal against the arresting officer.
5. In the actual appeal section I would add If they are not guilty of a charge it should be retracted from their timer. This seems obvious but still people /forget/ it.
6. In the mutinies section I would prefer it if you would add. Lethal force against a mutiny can only be used with permission from the commander and/or the cmp. Mp's should prefer non lethals and not give the other side an excuse to use lethals. They have the strongest non lethals and should not be doing that imo.
7. Improper uniforms lists that mp's should not be wearing riot armor except for riot situations. I have always assumed aliens boarding is ok aswell. But that is technicly not a riot. I would clarrify that.
1. See Below
2. Added some adjustments
3. Adjusted
4. Adjusted a bit
5. Adjusted
6. Updated
7. Adjusted to clarify "code Red" instead of emergency.

Confiscation procedure
1. Secure the item
(1.1 If it is a gun activate the safety.)
2. If the original owner of the item is known inform them of the confiscation.
3. Take the item to the evidence room as soon as possible.
4. Process the item.
5. If reasonable and not contraband return the item upon request.
6. Confiscated items should not be used or returned to anyone but the original owner without the cmp/commander's permission this includes by mp's.
(If you confiscate a flamer an mp should not be using it nor should it be handed to anyone but the squad leader who owns it.)

Eventually, there will be a "Procedural Handbook" that will cover a number of procedures, this will probably go in there.
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Re: Wiki Updates and Additions.

Post by Royal Griffon » 18 May 2018, 17:27

Perhaps we can have it to where we strip the prisoner first now, set the timer and dress them or perhaps dress them, and then set the timer, saying the lockers are on the outside of the cells now
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Re: Wiki Updates and Additions.

Post by awan » 20 May 2018, 11:33

Current suggestions for marine law.

Make it obvious for people that flamers/items inside the general prep rooms are considered not secure.

As stated above procedure says that the timer is paused when the prisoner is not in the cell but also states to start the timer before stripping them. The lockers are outside of the cells and there are people who now only activate the timer once the prisoner is fully dressed in the cell.

Drunk on duty and drunk and disorderly is worded as the same crime just applying to different people. Does it have to be 2 crimes?

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