E'Nouh Duh ((The Deadly End)) Predator Application

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E'Nouh Duh ((The Deadly End)) Predator Application

Post by Fourth Gear » 12 Aug 2017, 01:22

Byond ID: Ninshu

Marine Name (so we know who you are; if you play alien mostly, state that here): Newton Apophis (No not to host but he was cool with the name)

Name of the character you want whitelisted (The name your predator will use. This must match your in-game predator name): E'Nouh Duh or as the greek worshipers inscribed his name in the temple walls of the predator hunting ground. "E.N.D"

Are you familiar with the Predator Code Of Honor? Yes I am familiar with the Code of Honor (Updated Version 6/12/17)

Character background (An ADEQUATE description and story of your predators background): Borm of the Duh family or Douh in greek term, E'Nouh Duh was the tenth son of the profound warrior D'mount N' Eik, more so known as the one-handed predator. His Father a full fledged predator by completing the hunt initiation one must take to earn the next ranking, after successfully killing off his first xenomorph and awaiting for pick up he passed the time by watching his comrades finish their hunt. Things took a hefty turn after one of his comrades fell in battle, about the terms of his partners hunt his hands were tied when the xenomorph had dealt the last blow bring the Yautija down to his knees before impailing him once more with its tail. In his dying breath he requested for D'mount to finish what he couldnt as a dying wish. Graciously accept the burden of killing the prey off his fellow Yautija shoulders as his brethren fell into an eternal slumber (DEAD) D'mount N' Eik hunted down the xenomorph which lead him straight down to trap a room filled with sticky resin slowing D'mount down. The Xenomorph aimed to finish the predator off by using its vicious tail to impail the young predator. As the tail lashed out hurling towards its target in seconds time he swiftly cut himself lose swift enough to move his major organs out of the way but at the cost of his arm being impaled. With his arm impailed he was forced into a close on battle. The two faught at close ranged for a few seconds before the xenomorph secreted acid aiming to melt the predator's head off but with quick thinking he'd motion his shoulder out aiming to use the acid to melt the connection of his arm and shoulder to loose the hold the xenomorph had on him.

Now being free but at the lost of an arm, the predator resorted to a different tactic taking to the shadows as he turned into the hunted. The Xenomorph saw the advantage he now had over the predator and wasnt about to let such a threat escape it was determined into making this predator a predalien. With the xenomorph scanning the area for the predator, D'mount planned out move. As the xenomorph back was turned D'mount pounced on the xenomorph grappling it from the back pining it to ground. With his one arm wrapped around the xenomorph neck and his body pressed on the xenomorphs back he pinned the monster to the ground. In an attempts to subdue the predator the xenomorph preped its tailed before swiftly thrusting it forward aiming to impail the predator. With little haste following his plan he'd roll out of the way as the tail impaled directly through the xenomorph stomach. With little haste D'mount vault into the arm and stomped on the xenomorphs head splattering its blood everywhere burning off the armour he had covering his leg.

He returned to the mother ship soon after and was granted the title of full-fledged. Along with his story passed on as one of the most daring and honourable battle of the ages. He was met with respect through out his peers and in attempts of passing on his legacy bared thirteen children.

the Tenth and the one D'mount saw to be the one in inherit and continue the legacy of the Duh clan, E'Nouh Duh was a fast learning, adapting the ways of shadow stalking to an adept level to which his presences his barely detectable. His art of marksmanship is commendable but despite his achievements he was always shadowed by the legacy of his father. And so its been that way till finally the day of his own hunting ceremony. Where he was deployed along side one other Yautija aiming to earn his adulthood status. The two was dropped off at the hunting ground and waited no time to separate and be on the prowl of their prey. What seemed like hours of search till finally finding trails of claw marks and melted soil almost burned into glass E'Nouh Duh was on the trail of his prey. Tracking the Xenomorph to a pitch darkroom to which his heat sensor detect the room being filled with facehuggers all through out the wall and seemingly read to burst. With caution he'd scaled the celling aiming to cross the room. As he makes his way across the ceiling the snarling sound of monster rising from its slumber caught his attention but not before being tackled off the ceiling and brought down in the certain the facehugger egg cluster. The motion of a live host sprung the eggs into hatching as the facehuggers crawled. out. Swiftly activating his cloak and utlizing his sensor and adept marksman skill he knife down the facehuggers with easy however the xenomorph had escaped managing to squeeze its way between the hole in the wall large enough of a pre teen child to fit through.

E'Nouh Duh saw no other option but to find another way to reach the other side of the crack. Surveying the walls of the room he noticed the wall of the room to be hollow no doubt a sign of its age. Taking a few steps back he charged through the wall shattering it with easy entering the next room filled with sticky resin. Activating his sensors he spot his target in the corner of the wall seemingly trying to remain undetected using the darkness as his cover.

E'Nouh Duh used this as his advantage, seemingly proceeding forward in the room as if he hadn't spot the xenomorph. In an attempt to take the Predator from behind the xenomorph crept up behind the Predator reading its secondary mouth to punch through the predators skull but before it could lodge out E'Nouh Duh turned around severing the Xenomorph's head watching it fall to ground followed by its body.

Taking the xenomorphs arm severing it from its body he'd using its oozing acid blood to inscribe the mark of adulthood underneath his egg on his cheek.

How do you intend to play your predator (as in, describe HOW you will act/play your predator)? My character is one to more so utilize the night as his cover, he deems his kills more so savrable when he done so in a clean manner.

Why should we whitelist you? This would be my second app for the predator whitelist. The difference from then and now is that I have researched not only the predator clan more thoroughly but I've alos tried to build an image in the SS13 community not to mention I based the length of this application on the approved apps.

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason (we will check, and lies may result in immediate denial)?I have not been banned in quite sometime I cant even remember when.

Are you currently banned from any other servers and if so, why?No i'm not

Do you understand that any player - donor or otherwise - can have their white list status revoked should they break our rules or disobey the Predator Code of Honor? I understand and I fully accept the terms that comes with this role.

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Re: E'Nouh Duh ((The Deadly End)) Predator Application

Post by NescauComToddy » 12 Aug 2017, 02:14

About your background, it is messy and the language you have used on it is too simple. In addition, there are several grammatical errors in it.

About the way you intend to play, it is completely generic, which is unacceptable. I have no problem with generic answers to this question, but you did not specify anything at all. In fact, I began to doubt if you know how predators work because of your response.

About why you should be whitelisted, first I would like you to read the applications that have been approved. They do not have anything like yours, so I think you were distracted while reading them.

About having extensive knowledge about predators, this rarely influences an app. All that is necessary is to have the knowledge that is the code of honor and common sense. Also, you have not demonstrated or indicated any knowledge about the Yautjas and their customs in your application.

Good luck in your app. Unfortunately, I can not support you because of the various issues in your app, but I'm sure you can do better. -1

EDIT: About your forum activity, it is also a problem. I do not recognize the name of your character, either.
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Re: E'Nouh Duh ((The Deadly End)) Predator Application

Post by Dolth » 12 Aug 2017, 02:35

Never heard about yeah at least once.
Horrible writing, horrible way to play the character (as stated below, too generic).
You don"t look like you understand what role you will play.
Sorry pal.


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Re: E'Nouh Duh ((The Deadly End)) Predator Application

Post by shyshadow » 12 Aug 2017, 10:17

Everything that has been talked about is basically what's wrong with that app. You put effort, clearly but it doesn't mean it's good. Read some books, and learn from the best.
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Re: E'Nouh Duh ((The Deadly End)) Predator Application

Post by Feweh » 14 Aug 2017, 14:28


Name is stupid and APP is poor