Driecg36 Predator app- Kha'bj-te Zazin (Reckless Pride)

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Byond: driecg36

Re: Driecg36 Predator app- Kha'bj-te Zazin (Reckless Pride)

Post by driecg36 » 13 Jun 2018, 08:51

NoahKirchner wrote:
10 Jun 2018, 09:47
I certainly like the idea, I don't think it's ever actually been properly done before. Predators, when they mess with a round, tend to be irritating and mess with the round from a shadows. From what I can tell from this, you plan on directly interacting through cockiness and whatnot, I think it could be interesting. As long as you stick to this and don't do the normal pred thing of randomly yoinking people, then +1 for sure, since your story was good. Just dont become another *laugh pred please.

Also you're a mod so you won't abuse probably.
I'm a mod so that's a guarantee I will abuse
Some guy.

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Re: Driecg36 Predator app- Kha'bj-te Zazin (Reckless Pride)

Post by Mvp777 » 16 Jun 2018, 06:57

Story is quick and clean, Driecg has been a large help to myself as a T-mod.

Plus he already has Synthetic whitelist which shows he can handle proper RP. While being a moderator shows that he can handle responsibility so thats a +1 from me.
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