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Post by godsring » 02 Jan 2018, 05:25

Alternative forgotten forum account used in the past Desertofunknown it is quite old not a new forum user or CM player. I also had a forum account under my email but I assume the forums moved from that time or my account was deleted due to inactivity

Byond ID:

Marine Name:
Alex Cooper - I also play alien alot and doctor/CMO much more then Marine as well as MP rarely

Name of the character you want whitelisted:

Are you familiar with the Predator Code Of Honor:

Character background:
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How do you intend to play your predator?
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Why should we whitelist you?

I have been around CM as a player for over 5 years and a coder/mod before ownership switched hands. I have years of experiance with roleplay and ran the english communities official english roleplay fallout 13 server which was med-heavy RP. I was also a long time player on Hypatia Station one of my favorite heavy RP SS13 servers. I own/develop a roleplay based game on byond called Allied Nations/Dungeon Master. I love the alien and predator lore and atmosphere and have a large interest in roleplaying within that world. I also understand and accept the honor code and rules of the server

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason (we will check, and lies may result in immediate denial)?
I was accidentlly falsely 3 hour banned for EORG I provided the banning mod with evidence of my innocence and the ban was removed as well as the notes. Symbiosis was the banning mod who corrected the issue.

Are you currently banned from any other servers and if so, why?
LLA - Requested perma ban because I despised their meta buddy admin attitude and their passive aggressive community where they are nice to your face in ooc then casually throw out insults and try to instigate.

Do you understand that any player - donor or otherwise - can have their whitelist status revoked should they break our rules or disobey the Predator Code of Honor?
I accept agree and understand this policy
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Re: Bohre-Pa

Post by Honkintuga » 02 Jan 2018, 05:50

There's a lot of grammar errors at your pred background. Also I don't remember you.


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Re: Bohre-Pa

Post by Caryl » 02 Jan 2018, 09:24

Haven't seen him before either... So I don't know what his playstyle is or how he is in-game...
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Re: Bohre-Pa

Post by itus » 02 Jan 2018, 11:19

+1 even the grammar errors and other thingies here and there, i think its a good appeal.
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Re: Bohre-Pa

Post by Shyguychizzy » 02 Jan 2018, 13:09

After reading this, It was quite bland a bit worded and detailed a bit but very bland. With the grammar errors is eh, but geez doesn't give much detail of your predator. I'd suggest reading those accepted and denied by the looks as they all seem similar highly. Another thing I did notice and did research, you have multiple applications which I am quite concerned with as there as well was a false staff report poorly reported in which was pointed out by a staff in the comments after looking through new posts, and decision as well as the Moderator app I am quite iffy. viewtopic.php?f=118&t=15912 Unsure but, all your applications posted nearly all within same time period. This be true you may lost your original but I am still iffy on you. Its unknown of who you are but you did state you are a Xeno main but still the brief name as a Oldie myself don't recognize that marine previous name. Just going through this application and many others you did list as to get a idea on you or who and how you are. Gonna have to go with -1, uncertain if Predator would be a good role basing it off this application. The Hunt truly, is of something else, give it time, reading up bit more on predator lore helps additionally. Perhaps, get known more on this new forums even helps.
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Re: Bohre-Pa

Post by Feweh » 05 Jan 2018, 13:05