Castle Story (Now Fully Released)

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Castle Story (Now Fully Released)

Post by mizolo » 05 Dec 2017, 08:57

So Castle Story has been around since 2012 in development, let's see my steam libra- ... I bought this game THREE FUCKING YEARS AGO!?!?!?!

Well it has developed quite a bit since charlie/zeta testing (Whatever they called it)

Here is the VERY early trailer:

It has changed quite a bit from that when the first trailer came out. You are the little god/demi-god of these little brick-trons, tell them what to do and prepare for the assault(s).

There are currently 3 gamemodes, all of which can be played both Co-op, AND PvP to throw the 3rd party corrupt-trons into the mix to make things interesting:

If i'm going to be super-dead-serious, YOU NEED TO PLAY THIS FIRST, otherwise god help you.

You have your crystal, and there are also other crystals as well, you and the corrupt-trons will fight over these points and gain more little "soul-points" for every one you capture, as well as for every thing that dies, brick-tron or corrupt-tron.

This is basically horde-mode, between waves you build up arms, catapults, defenses, and other such.

Maps for the sole purpose of team/solo battles against other players.

If I have a tip for all of these game-modes, it's this:
Lights-out ... is LITERALLY ... lights-out ... you will get fucked over in ways you can't even imagine with warlocks absolutely FUCKING your defenses, and biftrons literally THROWING AROUND your units, instantly killing ALL of their armor.

The reason you want to start with sandbox, is because the tutorial is currently taken down / non-existant, and that's the only beef I have with this game, no tutorial, so make sure you are familiar with almost EVERYTHING before even CONSIDERING doing a corrupt-tron mode.

Game play / Your first REAL game:
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Don't completely seal off entrances to the base, otherwise the corrupt-trons will literally start MINING into the base.

Hordes of the super-little ones are actually REALLY WEAK and VERY easy to kill.

Hordes of the regular/medium ones are ... a concern, might want to get 2 archers instead of 1, and 3 knights instead of 1.

If you are facing a warlock, assault it with knights, NEVER deal with it with archers, as the warlock is basically the archer/siege engine of the corrupt-trons.

If you are facing a biftron, which is the most OVER-POWERED corrupt-tron in the game, trust me, you will eventually face them, they are scary, like, REALLY FUCKING SCARY. They can throw MASSIVE rocks which can breach stone walls, they can throw regular/tiny allies up to the archer's position, which is what they use to counter archers. They basically are like cave-trolls or massive orcs from LoTR, here is an example.
They also can, as you guess, Rancor/beast-mode the SHIT out of knights, throwing them nearly 20-30 feet away from them and killing ALL of their armor.
The best way to deal with biftrons, is VERY carefully taking out the tiny/regular corrupt-trons around them so they can't throw them to the archer positions, and then have the archers selectively target the biftron above all other priorities.

If worst comes to the ABSOLUTE worst, use the call-to-arms on your crystal, this will make all the workers STOP what they are doing, set everything as 0 priority, and arm up with whatever they can get their hands on, whether it be a bow, sword, or even a wooden bat/club. Again this is only if you are DESPERATE not to loose, as the workers are pretty damn weak.

If you guys want to play with me, my steam is Mizolo, there is only 1 Mizolo on steam, and if there is more than 1, it has the same picture that I currently have here.

Oh ... and uh ... hehe

If you're doing lights-out, god help you against the beast corrupt-tron.
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