Survivor Driver

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Survivor Driver

Post by contactdenied » 03 Nov 2017, 03:13

My name is Phillip Driver, I am an engineer on Solaris Ridge, a W-Y research facility. Most of my friends are dead at this point, because of big fucking lizards that broke out of one of the labs. I'm loggin this on a universal recorder I found on the ground, so if you find this on my corpse, please don't hand it to anyone affiliated with W-Y, because I'm pretty sure they started this whole fiasco. I'll stuff this into my uniform's secret compartment for the time being.

I'm in the engineering building right now, which is dangerously close to the labs. I've got a fire axe and a small pistol on me, which I doubt is enough to take on one of those monsters. I've managed to turn on the colony's backup generators, but they can only last for half an hour so I have to be quick on my feet. I'm going to head out to the cargo bay to search for anything useful. I hope to god I don't get spotted by one of them.

I managed to make it through the darkness, place is still lit up, I'll search these lockers and open a few cra- OH WHAT THE FUCK! One of their fucking larvae just popped out of this box! (Shuffling is heard before a gunshot is heard.) Fuck, I missed! It slithered into these damn barricades! (Rapid footsteps and chopping is heard before panting is heard.) I... I give up, things can't harm me anyways, I'll give it time to leave.

I grabbed a gas mask from one of the lockers, and I found another colonist. A dead one, one of his legs is torn off, same with his arm. He smells, but he's got some security armor on so I'll have to take it.

I'm paranoid as hell, what if that larvae ran off to tell it's mom about me? I'm hiding in this locker at the moment, I'll wait it out, maybe help will arrive?

Holy shit, there's another person that survived! I just heard a voice on the intercom near me saying something about the security area and being in the interrogation room, I gotta get to him now.

I made it! His name is Tucker, a doctor. I proposed to him that we should break into the armory in order to be able to defend ourselves against the lizards. He agreed, so I broke in using my fire axe. We're both armed now, he's got on a riot suit while I'm sticking with the security armor I looted off that dead colonist. Got myself one of those shotguns the marshals use, loaded it with fire slugs. We're going to hold out here in the armory, I'll deconstruct what I can to make a few barricades.

I've managed to create a barricade using the security barriers in the room, combined with metal barricades to hold them in place. Looking at Tucker, I talk about how awesome a recording of our final stand would look like if we had to fight the lizards, he agrees, and now we wait, guns at the ready.

There's a fuckin red lizard spinning outside of the door, In an attempt to dissuade it from killing us I spin with it, it roars.

Me and Tucker are prepped for the worst now, the backup generators just died and now they're burning down the door with their acid. A barrier fell and I fired a shot at one of the aliens, nailing it and lighting it on fire!

Marines! They've come to save us! A grenade is launched in from the other room into the one next to us, finishing off the alien I set on fire. Me and Tucker headed towards LZ1 as they landed there, telling the marines that they should be wary of lizards and impregnation, but they mostly waved us off.

So I just got nailed in the chest at least three times by that ship's turret. So did Tucker, but in the head. I'm gonna take this pill to ease the pain, and bandage my wounds to the best of my ability.

The pill helped, I can feel the pain being numbed a bit, but Tucker doesn't look so swell so I bandage his head up. My security armor saved my life there, but barely. I think my ribs are shattered but the armor was effective at stopping some of the bullets. Tucker got nailed in the head, where he didn't have a helmet on. Surprised he's still standing though.

We got treated by a field medic, he forgot to splint my chest but we enter the ship, this time avoiding the turrets, and greet their pilot, she luckily had a few splints on hand. We take off, and we beeline straight towards the ship's medbay.

Docs have analyzed me and Tucker, surprisingly Tucker's skull didn't shatter at all from the bullets, the one treating me said he injected me with enough sleep chems to put an elephant down, which is somewhat worrying, but he puts anesthetic on and starts... treating...

I just woke up, my ribs are fixed but my organs don't feel great, they give me a pill and I immediately start feeling better, I'm starting to like this place, though the W-Y insignia plastered everywhere makes me feel uncomfortable. I notice my weapons are gone, and the doc tells me that an MP took my gun and axe. Great.

Me and Tucker just got escorted to the ship CL's office, we take a seat and he asks us questions about what we saw down there. Tucker answered truthfully about what the lizards did, while I stayed quiet for most of the time. Something was off about this CL, but I couldn't put my finger on it...

The CL turned to me, and asks what I think caused the outbreak. I thought about my options, but ended up saying I blamed W-Y, as they owned the facility. Me and Tucker look at each other, I give him a weary look while he gives me a questioning gaze.

The CL just apologized, I was about to ask why, but he pulls out a fucking pistol from his satchel and nails me thrice in the chest, I can't breathe and that shit went straight through my armor, Tucker immediately jumps out of his seat and tries charging the CL, but he's nailed point blank in the head. He's dead, and soon I'll be too, this was just a cover up.

I look at the CL and he looks at me, he walks past the desk before taking aim right at my head. I doubt my hard hat will protect me very well.

I look at Tucker, or what used to be his head, it's a bloody mess, and I swear I can see some of his gray matter before forcing myself to look away towards the CL.

He asks me if I have any last words, and I can't think of any, I struggle to come up with something, anything before he pulls that trigger. I can't come up with anything.

I answer "I can't come up with anything." and I swear I can see a slight smile on his face before-


Was inspired by a recent round as survivor, although the CL part is made up.
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Re: Survivor Driver

Post by TheMusician321 » 03 Nov 2017, 16:57

pretty gud, pretty much sums up a normal survivor round, survive, get shot by turrets, then the CL shoots you, literally or metaphorically.
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