colonial marines: a continuation after a round (CH1)

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colonial marines: a continuation after a round (CH1)

Post by Joe4444 » 03 Nov 2017, 20:04

“We gotta fall-”
“Shit, Squad lead is down!”
“Lookout! Crusher!”
“Fred? You okay?”
I wake up, jumping out of the bed, before groggily looking around, I sees the lights flickering and a familiar face at the front of his bed.
“Bad dream huh?” says the voice. It's sort of high pitched, but calming at the same time, then again anything would be calming out of that dream.
“ was kinda strange also” I say, trying to make out the person standing right in front of my bed. It was one of my squadmates, her name was Jessica. She had light, auburn hair with black tips, I think they were dyed but I guess I never really asked her.
“Well you looked pretty terrified in your dreams, I thought you was gonna pee yourself again!”
“Yeah...heh” I said, sort of embarrassed at the fact she remembered it, nevermind brought it up. That happened, around about 6 months ago when the squad decided to scare me out of bed by shooting an M41A right next to my bed. Guess I still haven’t lived that down”
“Anyway, its nearly 7, Greg’ll be getting us out of bed anytime soon so there’s no point going back to bed, might aswell get your uniform on now” she said, in an almost commanding way.

I guess I should tell you where all this was, huh? It was at a military outpost in the outerim, we were tasked with holding this refueling place incase any ships came through needing supplies like food, medical supplies or things like that. Recently a ship called the Almayer came through. It was normally very quiet, we just sat at the checkpoints most days, waiting to see if a ship was going to dock today. We were the only squad assigned here as it was, as I said, a very quiet place. We had a team of doctors with us, with some engineers incase a ship pulled in really damaged or something, but other than that they just do studies or repair the station. They are however, trained in the use of the M39 submachine guns, all this extra time meant that some of the squad members taught them how to use them.

I guess I should probably introduce the squad also, huh? Well there’s me, My name is Fredrick, but most people just call me fred, there’s Jessica, you’ve already met her, me and her are just two grunts though, nothing that special about us really.

Greg is the squad leader, a hard nut when you first meet him, but eventually you warm up to him, he cares about us, so he’s not all bad, right? He has a sort of girzzily voice, y’know a smoke 40 packs a day type? He has a crew cut, his hair is kind of a dirty blonde, I guess would be the way you describe it. He also has a massive scar on his cheek, apparently he got it in a knife fight with some poor CLF guy.

Jake and Dayna are our Engineers, they prefer shotguns over everything and they’re both loudmouths, a day doesn’t go by where those two ain’t arguing but that's part of the fun here, watching those two fight. They sure are smart though, they can build almost anything you want given you got the parts for it. Jake has a semi afro, not so much a bush but more of a sidewalk grass that hasn’t been cut kind of look, whilst Dayna has shoulder length,black hair

Our smartgunner is called Ahab, a strong and silent type of guy, he’s big and strong, probably worked in some cargo dock from a young age. He has a messy bunch which is the closest thing to hair he has, but he’s a kind and gentle soul.

Our doctors were called Alex and Maria, both rather quiet at the start, but after a couple of months, they were as rowdy as the rest of us, they were really inquisitive too, guess they weren’t happy with the medical files they were sent, or maybe they were just nosey.
Alex has a sort of rough, “just woke up after being out for a couple drinks and now I can’t find my cat” kind of haircut, whilst Maria was sort of the opposite, she had it neatly done up in a bun, I guess this kind of reflected how organized they were, Alex was a really messy guy, leaving wrappers and things around the canteen and things, whilst Maria was quite the opposite, if anything she could be seen behind alex with a hoover.

But enough about uh hey? It's the event that's about to take place that you're probably the most interested in.

It started out like any other day would, we got up, got our food in the mess hall then went into the briefing room to get assigned our duties for the day. Me and Jessica, like always, got the front desk. This was the place where the ship's commander would come to ask for the engineers, medical staff or supplies. It was a rather simple task, just buzz them through to the squad leader if they showed the proper clearance and identification.

We walked in there, flipped the lights on, then took our seats, putting out feet up on the desk and leaving our M41As propped up on the wall next to us, before turning on the computer and putting on some sort of game, whatever we could find really. Next, came the questions, we spent most of our time asking each other silly questions to pass the time.

“Hey” she said, in a rather inquisitive tone
“Yeah?” I already knew a question was coming.
“Ever wonder if there’s another species out there, better than us?”
“Like what? Another race with better ships and weapons?”
“Yeah, like that”
“I don’t know,I guess it's possible.Pretty sure we would’ve encountered them by now though”I said, in a thoughtful way
“But what if they could cloak or something! That would be badass!” she said, rather excitedly.

She went on about this “what if” scenario for about an hour, nothing out of the normal, we just went on chatting like normal. That's when I saw looks like a shooting star, in the day?
“Think about how cool and scary it would be to fight a race that we just can’t win against though!” she said in an almost monolouge way
“uh….Jessica?” I said, in an almost baffled way
“What...what is it? Do I have some MRE on my face again?” she said in an annoyed way
“No...its, well, that thing heading right for the base!” I said, in an almost shouting tone
By the time I looked back, it seemed to multiply, there was now three of them heading right for the base.
“We should probably head for cover!” she said, running for the door
I grabbed my rifle, then ran behind the sandbags set up right outside the checkpoint.

By the time I got to the sandbags, they moved in range so I could kind of see what it was, it was a USCM escape pod! All three of them in a simultaneous descent into the front of the base, smashing into the ground near the base.

As I slowly edged towards the pods, I looked back a Jessica

“Go uh...go get Greg, i’ll  be fine here on my own” hesitantly, in an almost panicked voice
“R-right!” she said, as she ran off to go fetch Greg.

As I slowly stepped towards the pods, I thought of my dream, I have no reason why, I just did. I kept thinking those….things in my dream were going to jump out the pod, with each step the thought of that kept on coming up in my head, almost having flashbacks to the dream.

Then the doors opened, and out came some marines, they were all safe and looked in shock

Now I know the reason why they were shocked, as I myself witnessed what they saw.

This story is gonna be what I think would happen if the marines escaped the Alaymer via the escape pods and it didn't blow up.
this took me around about 2-3 hours to make, so forgive any spelling mistakes that I didn't catch.
I will need names for the rest of the stories, be sure to add your CM names in here for a chance to be included in the story!

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Re: colonial marines: a continuation after a round (CH1)

Post by edgardo » 05 Nov 2017, 18:45

oh boy readed a this and liked it. Hope you continue it!
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Re: colonial marines: a continuation after a round (CH1)

Post by Whiteflicker » 07 Nov 2017, 11:08

Damn, dude. That's some good writing and actually nice spacing of paragraphs. The punctuation is nice ... I could also very easily visualize the characters once you described them, and the scenes. Which is something because i have a very poor attention span. Conversations were pretty cute - looking forward to seeing more of those.

8/10 give more pls.

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Re: colonial marines: a continuation after a round (CH1)

Post by ghostdex » 07 Nov 2017, 19:09

A pretty good short read, I enjoyed it. I like your take on what would happen after the round ends.

Also uh, John 'Fixer' Donable if ya want to add me into your writings
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Re: colonial marines: a continuation after a round (CH1)

Post by Shyguychizzy » 07 Nov 2017, 23:00

Good old Balto''Crunk''Dreg. With his scavy tongue or his yers and ayes, or even his "yah fucken bastard" wordings.
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Re: colonial marines: a continuation after a round (CH1)

Post by TheMusician321 » 08 Nov 2017, 05:51

Pretty good read, excited for the next one.

also i'm Ed 'Wafflecone' Martin if you wanna add me onto your stories
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Re: colonial marines: a continuation after a round (CH1)

Post by James5734 » 08 Nov 2017, 10:46

Looks pretty promising, the characters and area were pretty well described from what little we heard about them. Looks like it could turn out to be something really interesting and unique.
Also, if you need another name, James "Badluck" Kenji
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