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They call me Abel.A xenomorph that seemed to be 'special' from the others. I was born after bursting out from the brain of a poor human called Arkter 'Spelunker' Kensdar...I was born different. I could understand human speech. They tried to give me food which appeared to be a Monkey. Why would i have the need for food or these humans?. I was rapidly integrated into their lives and mostly knew about things. Soon. They brought me a Sentinel. One of my kind

I was grieving and mourning at the loss of this sister. And demanded that they try to revive her through signs and grunts as my vocal chords could not support human speech.Their people that were sent to study me had tried to calm me down. However i wasn't going to accept that.I bursted out in rage and tried to claw the doors to my containment cell. Trying to...help my sister.

The researchers were patient and quelled my raging fire bit by bit. I had come to terms with my poor sister dying. I built a enclosed grave for her as i pondered my fate in this cell. Was i going to be killed like my sister? Was i going to be kept like a pet? Thoughts flowing into my mind. Until one of the researchers decided to meet me face to face.

The researcher was calm and docile with me..Showing me new things via what they call a 'PDA'. I tapped buttons on it. Learning the art of dancing,joy,compassion whilst lamenting the humans who were killed in their so called 'Wars'. There was also a man in a red suit that had...opened up to me. He had previously stated he was under strict orders to guard me at all costs. And kill me if i tried any funny business...He was amazed at my compassion

Soon after. They started talking over what they call a 'headset'. Two men and a women appeared. And they seemed hostile at first. With the one leading the other two always had his hand hovering over his pistol holster. They started to argue among-st themselves 'What if it is trying to trick us?' One said. While others were..trying to release me for my first contact to the outside world.

They had decided to test me. The woman was going to give me what they call a 'hug'. They released the lock-down and let the women inside. She also wore a uniform with red all over it. And slowly and hesitantly reached out to give me a hug. I did not retaliate. She then quickly got out of the cell and was terrified and...Amazed at the same time

They then decided to release me because they had confirmed reports of two sisters or more aboard their metal hive. I was released to lead the humans to my sisters. They had decided to set up a pseudo hive inside what they called the 'CL's Office'. I broke the airlocks with my sharpened claws. And they had fled viat the vents. Soon one of them talked to me

'Why have you betrayed us Sister?' The sentinel hesitant in the vents unsure what to do

'Betrayed? What do you mean. I only wish for us to befriend the humans' I replied with a voice of compassion directed at the vents

'Then ask some of them to leave and throw their spitters out' Replied the Sentinel

I did a quick gesture to shoo out some of the people inside the office. Whilist the original researcher had kept me company . The Sister hesitantly scrampered out of the vent 'Why have you betrayed the hivemind' Said the Sentinel. I replied with 'Hivemind? What do you mean a Hivemind?'...The Sentinel knew what had happened. I was not connected to the hivemind and thus not subjected under their Queens rule.

'Traitor' The sister said. Before scampering into the vents never to be seen again.

Suddenly the alarms blared and what they called a 'Code Red' was issued. The researcher had tried to whisk me away into one of their miniscule rooms called as 'Evac Pods' so they can get me to safe hands...I retaliated verbally. And tried to help these humans i had known my entire short life. The Researcher nod silently. And lead me to the final defense of their metal hive. And curious room with two doors. With many barricades and sandbags to protect its hallways.

Then at my back. A human had fired its shotgun at me as it signed into my flesh..Rendering me dead. The person leading the charge went into a fit of rage. Pulling out their gun and killing the human...Then all faded to black.

The humans were terrified. And the researcher had committed suicide over guilt and sorrow. The other one dragged my now dead husk back to the containment cell. And buried me alongside the sister which i had buried. He pulled out what seemed to be a huge white box with two square like things and placed it on my torso. It only gave a electric shock and nothing else...

Then a scream was heard. A runner had assassinated the researcher that had been trying to administer me electric shocks. In a fit of rage i would presume due to seeing two sisters bodies...

There ended the story of Abel.

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lol ^

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