The Final Experiment (Chapter 2)

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The Final Experiment (Chapter 2)

Post by mizolo » 15 Nov 2017, 18:18

Thanks for the support on the last chapter, I thought it was gonna be a big flop. Here is the next one for you guys.
I will not post the 3rd chapter until tomorrow, since I try to carefully construct these.

Chapter 2: The Coils of Silence
She woke up to find herself in the buckles again. She wondered what the white-coats were thinking, sending that child in. She now was totally confused as to what these humans wanted from her. At first she thought that they were trying to test her limits so they could kill more of her kind more easily, but now she was confused. Try as she might, she couldn't even reach queen mother. She growled in frustration, only to hear the voice of the one she liked over the little disk full of holes in the ceiling.

"Hello my sweet" He said over the disk in the ceiling. She remained impassive. He then conversed with the other white-coats, some nodding in approval, but some shouting at him as if to say no. He then pressed the button releasing her buckles.

She moved around the room, scanning it for anything that changed ... nothing.

"Great" She thought, and went to get into a more comfortable position than that of when the buckles held her. Up against the wall she rested, more fully than she ever had. Waking up and thinking:

"Now what" But then she heard something strange. It was coming from inside the wall.

She pressed her head against the wall to listen with all her senses, including the electromagnetic senses. She suddenly knew why she couldn't hear her sisters. She knew why it was so silent in this metal ... not cage ... cell. She wasn't in the buckle cage anymore.

They were using electromagnets to completely block off telepathic communication to her sisters.

She slumped back into her little coil next to the wall again, and fell asleep.


She woke up to the only human she liked entering the room, quickly closing it behind him. To her surprise, she was NOT in the buckle cage. The scientists were on the other side of what she knew what un-breakable glass covered in some weird liquid that neutralized her acid. They were watching her closely.

When he entered the room she got up ... slowly. She knew from the child that they were terrified of her, and she didn't want to give that impression to the only human who she liked.

He stepped forward towards her and put out his hand to touch her long, elliptical head. She twitched a little at the touch, but came to get used to it. After a while he sat down next to her, pulling out something she learned was a notepad and pen. He started writing in it. She couldn't understand any of it, but she tried to anyway. Of course, she failed and exhaled in frustration and went back to her coil.

They sat there for several minutes, looking at the wall. He then started to get up, but stopped as he stood up. He then proceeded to move about 2 feet closer, and then sit down again.

Puzzled by this move, she looked up at him. He was on his notepad and pen still, but he HAD indeed moved 2 feet closer.

"Hmmm" She thought "Is this a gesture of friendship to these humans???" She was still so confused at the VERY rapid change of events. She went from being constantly tortured and tested, to being treated like ... like ... like something from a human's memory that they kept for something. She noticed the white-coated humans were furiously taking notes on their larger notepads.

She decided to imitate what he had done. She got up slowly, and moved 2 feet closer to him. He looked at her in a somewhat stupefied manner after she did so, just staring, the white-coats behind the glass were staring stupefied as well. He got up and moved right next to her. She didn't know what to do next. Should she poke him? No, no, that's not a good idea she thought.

He then got up and said "Well, this was interesting, it would be great if we could talk."

"Wish we could too." she thought. He stood above her, contemplating something in his little head. She looked up.

"Well, I wish I could spend more time in here, but I have things I need to do. See you later my sweet." He said and started to walk away.

She instinctively screamed in her mind "NO!!! STAY!"

He froze dead in his tracks as soon as she finished her thought. She wondered if he had decided to suddenly stay. He turned around slowly with a VERY shocked expression. He then asked:

"Di ... did ... did you just speak!?"
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Re: The Final Experiment (Chapter 2)

Post by HR171 » 19 Nov 2017, 13:01

Hey this is actually a really cool story. I like the fact that - instead of making the xenomorphs seem like unfeeling killing machines - it personifies the Xenos and makes me have a completely new outlook on Xenos as a whole.
I rate 10/10.
I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
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