The Final Experiment (Chapter 4)

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The Final Experiment (Chapter 4)

Post by mizolo » 13 Dec 2017, 13:17

I now have a vision for executing the end of my story, you may feel emotionally affected, as that is my intent.
These next couple of chapters also now includes many NEW dynamics to the story that will "Affect" the outcome, including a couple of new POV points.

One being from the point of an extremely, highly-trained, mixed-special-forces, black-ops team for the W-Y and USCM joined force code named "Blackwood".

One being the POV of a little girl, the only survivor of what will come to be ... the first black goo virus outbreak.

Yes this will use my character that I currently use in-game, but this isn't until AFTER the USS Almayer, Sulaco, and other incidents.

Don't be freaked out once you learn that the humans and the predators now co-exist, it's a possibility in the universe of aliens, though almost 0% chance it will actually happen canon-wise, it happened here, deal with it.

Chapter 4: The Blackout of 2 kinds

The Queen woke up to alarms blaring. She was in her metal cage again. She sighed as the obnoxious alarms blared. Suddenly, she heard a hiss, and the shackles were off.

She hesistantly moved and listened for any sign of what was going on, but to no avail. Suddenly, what she now called "The one", burst through the door, but then locked it behind him, limping as if injured.

She immediately crawled up to him, wondering what was wrong, but he interrupted. "You have to get out of here, I FUCKING TOLD THEM NOT TO TOUCH THE DAMN THING!!!"

She stopped, wondering what he meant. He continued.

"My sweet, I hate to say this, but i'm about to die, and it won't seem like I did, but you have to trust me on some things." He said.

She was immediately distressed, determined to stop whatever was bringing the only one who brought her kindness, whatever means necessary, even if it meant her and him against all of his other white-coats.

He read her thoughts, and said "No, it's not what you think it is, this ... solution ... turns you into a monster ... one even more horrible than that of what even WE think of your KIND"

She instantly recoiled, shocked he would say such a thing, but he continued. "There are many things you need to know before I release you," He said "The first thing you need to know, is that it can't turn you, but it CAN TURN YOUR KIND, so you don't need to worry about that for you at least."

She continued looking around for the threat while he spoke, but saw none. Still confused, she turned back, trusting that he had secured them together. He said "The second thing my sweet, is that, well, unlike your race, ours don't always get along with each other" He continued "We even fight, and kill one another, even to the point of entire planets and planetary systems being completely ravaged, destroyed, and almost un-usable by war." He continued again "We all have different interests, desires, deeds, pasts, plans, and other such"

She looked concerned, but let him continue. "The last thing you need to know my sweet" He said as he started coughing, wheezing, and seemingly turning pure ... pale white. "Is that *cough* you are *gasp* *cough* *cough* *cough*, not of your kind *cough* that's why we *cough* separated you with *gasp* *cough* *cough* the magnetic coils to *gasp* keep you from communicating with your *cough* 'Fellow kind', and wanted you to *gasp-wheeze* develop on your own"

He collapsed, and she broke his fall, as he lay dying in her claws. "You were supposed to be ... the solution, the liason ... between ... us and your kind" He said "You ... were infused with human DNA and ... hormones ... you ... were ... the perfect ... and last experiment ... before ... the ... base-delta-zero ... of ... your kinds home-world ... a last ... attempt ... at ............" He stopped.

She was immediately distressed. "Last attempt? ... LAST ATTEMPT AT WHAT? ... GOD DAMMIT I LOVE YOU, NOT IN THAT WAY, BUT I LOVE YOU!!! AT LEAST TELL ME WHAT!!!"

He looked into her eyes, and thought his last word to her, rather than speak it. "... peace ..." He thought to her, and gave up the ghost, she could sense it, like when one of her "Kind" dies.

She rested him down on the cold, un-forgiving metal floor that him, and his fellow white-coats, helped create. Somehow, the perfect, yet ironical place of death for the only one she felt truly understood her, and somewhat 'loved' her.

There was now, what her hive-mind taught her, human gun-fire in the hall past the control panel and heavy-glass of the window of her cell.

Suddenly, she didn't hear the coils anymore, and heard a large, grinding sound, as if metal sliding on metal. She turned around and saw her right-hand-side of the entire cell wall start to slowly, but surely, open.

"The one" then got up. She immediately went to him, but sensed something was wrong. He had lost all of his hair on his head, and was a pure-pale white, and was groaning. She also tried to think to him, but sensed nothing but ... not nothing ... but rather, a VOID ... of darkness.

She tried to say out loud "My sweet?" as he had said before. The human she once knew roared an ear-splitting shriek, and charged at her with terrible speed she never knew humans had. She remembered what he had said, and it pained her. "No, it's not what you think it is, this ... solution ... turns you into a monster ... one even more horrible than that of what even WE think of your KIND" He had said.

"I'm sorry my sweet" She thought in her mind, and pierced him, practically ripping his body to shreds with a single attack.

She turned to the now fully open doors, and sensed burning, along with other horrible sounds. Screaming of adult humans. She also heard her fellow kind now in the hive-mind, panicking as they saw their friendly and co-operating kind turn into monsters.

She ran into the corridor where the open gate led to, she heard gun-fire down the right hallway, assuming that was where the contact was, and heard liquid screams, as if from the strange, hollow, robotic creatures the humans created ... or did they not create them? She didn't know, but she didn't go that way, instead she went to her left, and found the exit.

She went through the tree-line, and she saw the human hives and buildings. She didn't go toward them ... for she heard sounds that would most likely haunt her for forever.

The sound of screams ... pure ... terror-filled ... adult, and children ... screams. She went far into the woods, and when she got far enough, she curled up into a little coil on a patch of weeds she created, and began to mourn for everything ... "The one" ... his kind ... supposedly not her kind, but still technically hers ... and another one she didn't recognize, but hive-mind taught her as head-hunters.


Volkov's code-name was 'Blackout, a name he had been given in the corps before being offered special forces, not only that, but a black-ops special forces leader. He was waiting at the training room for the Yautja. He didn't exactly praise them, but he didn't dis-like them either. Come to think of it, he didn't really "Like" anyone, perhaps it was his weakness of under-standing with people and his mild autism. He sighed.

He examined his arms, the mecho-enhanced proto-type military grade upgrades to his synthetic arms. Yet the upgrades. He shivered. He beared not to think of how painful it was to get them, even though he no longer felt as much pain in them, but still felt pain, but never enough to "Distract" or "Make him recoil or reflex in pain" as W-Y said.

The Yautja showed up to the training room. Her name was "Shtata", though her code-name was "Ta".

"Hello" she happily greeted him as she entered the room. "Hi" Volkov responded enthusiastically. She glared at him, perhaps he was too enthusiastic.

"Well, what's happening for today's training?" She said to him. "This isn't training, we've received a distress call from one the planet we've been assigned to discretely monitor for the past 4 fucking months." He said to Shtata.

"Alright, but shouldn't we do this at the briefing or equipment room?" She said.

He responded "Everyone is already at the equipment room, I said i'd brief you all there." She nodded and they went to the equipment room.

"Alright, we've finally received a distress call on this god-forsaken planet we've been assigned to the past 4 months." Volkov said. "We don't know what's down there, who activated the distress signal, what the general threat is, how many civilians if any are alive, or how it started" He continued.

"Our job is simply to be damage control, and help with whatever needs helping, i'm not gonna lie, this is going to probably get real FUBAR, real fast." Volkov said.

The other 4 operatives in his group were:

Shtata, code-name 'Ta'. She was a Yautja, and was known for her hit-and-run tactics of guerrilla warfare with her plasma-caster, hence the code-name 'Ta'.

John, code-name 'Buckshot'. He was known for his shotgun, and was respected by Volkov for his tactical planning.

Penkina, code-name 'Sleepy'. She was known for her more, subtle, ways of neutralizing the enemy, mainly involving putting them to sleep with lethal sedative darts, hence the code-name 'Sleepy'.

Omni, code-name 'Omni'. Was known for his heavy-weapons carrying and for going loud and proud and juggernaut-ing any situation, hence the 'Omni'.

"We don't know why we were specifically stationed above this planet, apparently for some reason THAT is 'above our paygrade', though we're probably about to find out. Do we have any questions?" Volkov said.

"Actually I do" Said John "What about the air-defense systems and how we are going to get to the planet?"

Volkov actually looked surprised for once, and said "Actually that's a very good point, we won't be going by cloaked drop-ship, we will be going by one-way drop-pods. Apparently this facility has state of the art technology that can target cloaked vessels, yet because of that, they sacrificed fast missiles and anti-small-craft missiles, so that's how we will be dropping in" Volkov hated the drop-pods, they hurt like hell for everyone, but it was the fastest, most efficient, and safest way to get to a planet's surface.

Penkina then asked "Can we get a lay-out of the facility, the surrounding area, and the civilian houses all updated to our HUD's?" Volkov responded "Already did so, we'll meet about 1 click off the north side of the civilian town once we all hit the ground, we will all meet there, regardless of the position we land on, unless one of us is un-lucky enough to land in the town and meets contact. The facility is about 5 clicks west of the town, I know it will be a long walk from the town to the facility, but we place civilians first."

They all nodded, having no more questions. They loaded onto the drop-pods, and launched.


She stopped mourning and got up. She attempted to contact any of her 'Kind' through the hive-mind. To her shock ... no-one ... no ... no THING ... responded.

She made her way towards the human hive, they called it a town, a city, a village, whatever. It was all the same to her, it was the place they lived and prospered.

She got a good vantage point on the town, she couldn't hear the screams anymore, but couldn't feel anyone inside, but rather felt a large ... dark ... void, or voids rather scattered throughout the human hive. She did feel one, alone, it seemed scared, she headed towards that one.

After a while, she was ... what did they call these buildings in their hive? Houses? Yes, that was it. She was 3 houses away from the large building the one she sensed was in. She pried open quietly what seemed to be a large door, and crawled quietly inside.

The one she sensed was very close now, and she could hear using her advanced senses ... a ... A CHILD ... crying. She immediately closed the large door behind her, but a little less silently than that of when she opened it. The crying immediately stopped, and she felt the human child's fear, that of pure terror. She tried thinking to the child, perhaps that would calm her down.

"Please, don't be afraid, i'm here to help you" She tried thinking to the source of the mind that was in the large room. The room was massive. It was at least 5 times as tall as she was with what looked like heavy-lifting machinery in the ceiling, and large, metal crates a little larger than she was lying on their sides. The room was about 3 times as long and wide as it was high, stretching a very large space.

She didn't receive a response, but saw a faint light coming from what looked like a metal storage closet, small enough to hide a child, but not an adult human. She cautiously opened the door, and saw the terrified child inside.

The child didn't move, but rather, the small child, even smaller than the child that had entered her chamber what felt like so long ago, started begging for her life. The queen crouched and sat, puzzling the girl. The little girl then cautiously stepped out, wondering why the xenomorph was not killing her. The queen sat there, and the girl stood there.

They sat, seemingly staring at one another for a very long time. The little child finally broke the silence "Wh-Why? ... Why are you sparing me?" she wavered. The queen didn't know how to respond, with "The one" she could talk to, communicate to.

She now knew the reason why humans were different from one another. They didn't have a dictatorical hive-mind like her 'Kind' did, controlling them and half-enslaving them.

She then thought of something. She pointed to the large door she had opened to get into this large, spacious room with, with her tail. The girl looked at the queen.

She then said "Can ... can you understand me and human language?" The girl then added "Nod your head like this if you can" The girl then shook her head up and down, what the queen already knew was the human non-verbal symbol of yes.

The queen then nodded. The girl looked stupefied, she had a little bear in her hands, it looked like a little brown, furry mass, it obviously was intended to keep the child comforted.

The girl then spoke again "Now that I know you can understand me, well, you can't really talk to me directly can you?" The queen was confused as what to do at this point. She had never done this kind of thing before, she knew that shaking side-ways meant no, but she didn't want to say yes or no.

The queen shook her head diagonally. The girl looked even more confused and asked "You can talk to me directly? Like ... right now?" The queen shook her head side to side. The girl then seemed to understand, then asked "So ... you can talk directly to people ... but ... not right now?" The queen then nodded her elliptical head up and down.

The little human child seemed to catch on. "Well ... what's your name? ... If you have one that is." The child asked. The queen was unsure of what to do, she then remembered "The one" attempting to teach her language in her cell, though it was painful to recall as it involved the only one she truly ... loved? Maybe. She then started carving into the cement ground, leaving white streaks on the ground.

The little human seemed shocked that it could understand her writing as well as her speech. She then read the carving the queen finished drawing.

"My sweet?" The girl read and said aloud a little questioningly. "Did someone call you that? Perhaps ... a ... man in a white-coat?" The queen looked incredulously at the little human child. The queen somehow ... recognized the little child now. She immediately regretted recognizing her.

This ... was 'The one's child.

The queen immediately felt sorry for the child, but the girl suddenly started crying again. The queen looked at her, and the memories of her flooded into the queen's mind.

The emotional barrier had been broken.

The human child's name was "Abetha", a young, 6 year-old girl who had lived here all her life. The queen saw more of her memories as they flooded her mind, un-filtered, unrelentingly. She saw other humans being mean to her, punching her, giving her ... what was the word ... grief, that was it. She saw memories of her arguing with her father, who's name was "Kulon", begging with him to change to another planet because of ... bullies, that was the word. Yet her father looked at her like he had no choice. The queen then realized the no-choice part of his expression. He was here because he cared about her, the queen. Yet Kulon was torn between leaving because of his child, and her, the queen.

The child then started crying intensely, what the queen knew as sobbing. The queen un-wittingly had shared her memories of suffering with her, the torture, the pain, but even the happiness was shared, and Abetha suddenly shared her understanding for why her father had stayed, he had staying for the queen. "My sweet".

After about 30 minutes of mourning from both, they looked at each other. The queen tried to telepathically talk to Abetha "I'm ... I'm sorry for making you go through what I went through".

There was a long silence, and the girl said "My god, they really did treat you like a monster, even though you weren't meant to be one"

It was then that they both heard a sharp, piercing wail from outside what Abetha called a "Factory".
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