The Final Experiment (Chapter 6)

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The Final Experiment (Chapter 6)

Post by mizolo » 02 Jan 2018, 18:23

Sorry I haven't posted in forever, winter break has been chaotic with my family.

This one is going to be a short one. Just be warned.

Let's see ... where were we? ...
Ah, Volkov just flung Abetha and Ta is coming to the town to check things out. Alright, here we go.

Chapter 6: Questions, answers, and a predator

Blackout stared at the queen, then at Abetha, then back at the queen again. "Why ... why isn't she attacking ... AND WHY THE FUCK AM I NOT PULLING THIS TRIGGER YET!" Blackout screamed inside of his mind.

Blackout gently put his pistol down, despite his mind screaming at him to do the opposite.

He turned to Abetha "OK" He said aloud to her "I HATE BEING LOUD AND SWEARING, BUT YOU HAVE A LOT OF SHIT TO EXPLAIN GIRL!" Blackout shouted at her.

Abetha nodded, surprisingly unshaken by his shouting voice and said "Ok, I'll answer as many questions as me and her can answer, however, please keep quiet, we don't want to attract the crazies"

He immediately went cold at her statement. Was he too loud? He checked the outside cam, no sign of them being alerted. "Ok" He started to say. What the hell do you ask FIRST in this situation?

"Ok, first question, why the fork is that xeno queen not attacking you? Or me for that matter? You're not impregnated ... so why is she ... protecting you?" Blackout asked.

Abetha looked at the queen, and said "Well ... to be honest ... I really don't know ... but she says she's more valuable to everyone ... including us humans, if she's alive, rather than dead."

Volkov stared. "Also she says she could technically kill you right now because you're in her tail piercing range" Abetha added.

Blackout immediately stepped back, and realized that he wasn't just withing range he was well within range of the queen. "Ok, second question, how do you know what her thoughts are?" He asked.

Abetha seemed to think for a moment and looked at the queen. The queen turned her elliptical head and looked back. There was a long silence.

"Well ... I'm not completely sure, but she says that there is ... and emotional barrier you need to break for both us and her in order to ... well ... think to her, that's what she says anyway"

Blackout was incredibly confused. "Ok ..." Blackout said "2 more questions, probably related to each other if you know the first one"

Abetha nodded and he continued "First off, what was in the facility about 5 clicks west of here? Besides the xenomorphs of course" said Blackout.

Abetha briefly looked at the queen, and then said "Well, I don't know, but she says that someone released her because she was important, and that she was immune to whatever my father told her that caused it, unlike the rest of us and her kind."

Blackout nodded "Well" He said "We need a way out of here to about 1 click north of this town, that's where me and my squad should be"

Almost as if in sync, the queen and Abetha nodded.

Blackout was wondering if this queen was somehow playing a long game, but he didn't have time for that now.

He opened the door, scanning for threats, and found none. The queen then slowly pried open the train/truck recieving port so she could get out.

They made their way north, checking corners, the girl riding on the queen's back.

They then got to the tree-line north of the town. When in the tree-line they sat down. "Alright ..." Said Volkov "Is ... well ... are you 2 alright?" He asked.

They both nodded and the queen set the girl down. It was then that a plasma-caster shot rang out, narrowly missing the queen.
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