The Final Experiment (Chapter 7)

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The Final Experiment (Chapter 7)

Post by mizolo » 12 Jan 2018, 18:08

Sorry for the no chapters lately, been busy, anyway.

Alright, let's see, where were we?

Ah, the alien queen just got shot by the female predator's plasma caster.

Chapter 7: Confusion and Labs

The plasma-caster shot rang out in the woods. Blackout immediately communicated through the high-ping to Ta "STOP, DO NOT FIRE, CEASE-FIRE!".

Ta was stumped. She had just been given the order to cease fire ... on a serpent. She complied, but still had her visor's targeting system locked onto the queen.

"Well, we need to move NOW Abetha ..." Blackout said quickly to the child "the 'crazies' must have heard that". The child nodded, motioning for the queen to follow, despite the nasty, glistening wound in the hybrid queen's right arm.

Ta was dumb-struck. Blackout had befriended a little girl, who in turn befriended a queen that had apparently not face-hugged her, and was almost commanding the queen herself!

Ta jumped down from her tree, queen still locked as a target in her visor. "Blackout, what ... the FUCK ... IS GOING ON!" She demanded in such a tone that Blackout was taken aback by the sudden out-burst statement.

"It's a long story, and long story short: This isn't 'really' a queen xenomorph, and secondly, we need her for where we're going ..." Blackout responded "but right now, we need to move, those things are gonna be here any minute"

Almost as if on cue, they all turned as they heard the screeching of the horrid creatures. They all ran as fast as they could to the meeting point, and Ta set up the drone telling the team ahead of time not to fire on the xenomorph queen, but to be on their guard.


They arrived at the meeting point, crazies left behind. Everyone was staring at Abetha ... and the queen.

They all talked and vigorously interrogated the girl about the queen. They found out everything that the girl and the queen knew, including that of the hybridization, Abetha's dad releasing her, and . The queen looked a little weary, like if a human were to lose too much blood.

In the middle of answering a question about why the crazies were there and Abetha was answering, she suddenly screamed and crippled to the ground, muffling the scream, making it last for less than 1/16th of a second. Blackout put his hand over her mouth, further silencing her scream in the dirt. They all looked around and saw the queen lying on the ground, acid blood bleeding from her wound that Ta had created.

They all exchanged looks at Ta, who looked back as if saying silently "What?!? It wasn't my fault!".

Abetha whimpered and cried on the ground, mumbling on about pain as Blackout slowly took his hand off her mouth. Omni and Buckshot looked around with their suits to see if they had attracted any attention, fortunately they hadn't.

Blackout shouted at Abetha "What the FUCK just happened Abetha? Why did the queen just collapse!?!?!? ABETHA! TALK TO ME!". Abetha picked herself up and sat on the grass, looking at the queen silently and crying a little.

"Perhaps I was too harsh on her?" Asked Volkov through the sonic frequency. A unanimous "Yes" Sounded through his suit from all the waves being translated.

Sleepy and Ta were bent down at the queen, examining the wound Ta had made in the queen's arm armor. The queen suddenly started moving and Abetha got up and ran towards the queen and hugged her.

They all stood back, weapons aimed at both, for fear something mentally had happened to the queen, or Abetha, or both. The queen emitted a low, growling kind of moan.

Everyone kept the weapons trained on the queen and Abetha, not taking any chances that something had just changed. The queen then proceeded to regurgitate weeds and coiled herself on top of them as the weeds slowly began to spread.

"She's hurt, and I screamed because she couldn't hold back ..." Abetha said "You know ... we're ... yeah ... she couldn't hold back, communicating? The pain to me". Everyone lowered their weapons, relieved it was over. They all sat down and Blackout gathered his squad together.

"I dont' know Blackout, this is completely un-charted territory" Buckshot said through the sonic frequency "Hell, for all we know this is a queen with fucking mind control type shit that can take over human's MINDS for god's sake!" Buckshot practically shouted through the frequency.

"I know ..." Said Blackout "and I know what we're all thinking, 'didn't we glass xenomorph prime already?', and the un-fortunate truth is ... no, we haven't" Blackout said.

His squad stared at him "... WHAT!!!" screamed Sleepy into the frequency "All this time, we've thought the xenomorphs have been gone, their queen mother, dead, and now ... NOW YOU SAY THIS!?!?!?!?" they all looked at Blackout with arms folded.

"I wasn't supposed to tell you, ever, but the real reason we were assigned this mission is because ... they said in my Black Ops Leader meet that this planet was key in a ... dare I say it ... peaceful negotiation or a bio-weapon against the xenomorphs" Blackout said to them.

His entire squad's jaws dropped open, speechless. "I know it's not the greatest time, or the greatest place to reveal to you this, but technically, not even now, was I ever to reveal it to you, now you know why I trust scientists and their experiments, I don't trust their mouths, but I DO trust their experiments and paper-work." Blackout said.

The all nodded slowly, one by one taking in what he had just said. "Now, we need a plan, we can either go into the facility and find out what the hell happened to ... everything ... here, OR we can go back to the ship with the queen." Blackout said. "There is a ... cell ... for the queen to live in when we get up there."

They all argued for a short period of time before deciding to go to the facility.


They walked slowly towards the facility building, taking in surroundings, scanning and monitoring for enemies.

Sleepy went up to a seemingly seamless bit of wall and burned open the cover of a secret electronics APC, and hacked into the facility's security net-work.

They all waited patiently for her to retrieve the files on every project onto the 2 drives she inserted into the slots. Finally, after about 3 hours and sunset, she said she had the files.

They all hiked to the missile defense silo to turn off the missile defense system so they could call down one of their drop-ships.


They got to the silo without trouble. Inside the open-aired silo however, was not a pretty sight. There were crazies ... EVERYWHERE.

Ta went around the compound, scanning for how many crazies there were, and after about 30 minutes of them waiting in the pure dark, Ta came back with the bad news.

"Well, there's no way we're getting off this planet without a fight or a damn good distraction ..." Ta continued "There's, at the least, 137 'crazies' in the silo" They all sat down, figuring out what to do.

Abetha broke the silence "Well, for all it's worth, I think the queen wants to be a distraction, but isn't sure how she'll un-distract them from her." She said.

Everyone stared at her, like the look you give someone when you're about to say 'You're kidding, right?'. But they all shook their heads, but agreed to the plan anyway.

And so it began, the beginning of the end.

... To be Continued
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